What is the correct way to park an excavator?

When parking an excavator, it is important to remember that when some large and heavy machines are parked, it is very easy to damage the machine or cause an accident. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the proper way to park an excavator, and we’ll also discuss some common mistakes people make when parking these machines.

What mistakes are often made when parking an excavator?

There are some common mistakes people make when parking or operating an excavator, let’s take a look at some of them:

(1) A common mistake is not to use the boom brake of the excavator, which may cause the boom to drop suddenly, causing damage or injury.

(2) Another mistake is not checking the surrounding area for obstacles before starting to operate the excavator, which may result in property damage and even injury to nearby people.

(3) Finally, before operating the excavator, it must be ensured that the track of the excavator is in good condition, which will help prevent accidents and injuries.

How to park the excavator correctly?

There are a few things to keep in mind when parking your excavator:

(1) Make sure the area is level, uneven surface will cause the excavator to tip over.

(2) Parking on a solid surface, soft surfaces such as grass or sand may cause the excavator to sink and get stuck.

(3) Use the handbrake, which will help keep the excavator in place and prevent it from rolling.

(4) Place clips under the tracks or wheels, which will help prevent the excavator from moving unexpectedly.

When parking your excavator, be sure to follow these guidelines to keep the machine safe and secure, and by taking the time to properly park the excavator, you can help prevent accidents and damage to the machine.

How to operate the excavator in a small space?

When you are working in a tight area, first you need to make sure the excavator is in the correct position, you also need to pay attention to your surroundings to make sure you don’t damage anything. One of the most important things to do when operating an excavator in a tight area is to make sure that the bucket is in the correct position, if the bucket is not in the correct position, it can cause damage to the surrounding environment.

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