The 8 Best Wheel Loader Factories in China

There are many wheel loader factories in China, but not all of them are worth your trust. In order to save you some time and energy, we have compiled a list of the eight best wheel loader factories in China. These factories have been chosen based on their quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. We hope that this article will help you make an informed decision when choosing a wheel loader factory for your next project!

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co.

Shandong Lingong’s products are sold all over the country and exported to dozens of countries and regions.

Shandong Lingong L916 loader

It is equipped with an engine that meets the requirements of National III emission, with solid power, low noise and reliable performance. It adopts a bilateral split type torque converter and fixed shaft power shift transmission. It is easy to operate, highly reliable and convenient to maintain—equipped with a reinforced drive axle with a large bearing capacity, long service life and high reliability.  

Adopt strengthened front and rear frame, passed 200,000 times fatigue strengthening test, with strong bearing capacity, reasonable load distribution of the whole machine, good stability Adopt load sensing fully hydraulic steering system, light and fast steering, energy-saving and reliable. The hydraulic system of a mechanical manipulation work device is easy to operate and has stable and reliable performance. The electrical system adopts high-end, mature electrical components, stable and reliable.  

New steel structure cab with wide view, large operation space, good sealing and comfort. Standard equipped with warm air; the operating environment is more comfortable.

Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co.

It is the core enterprise of Liugong Group, one of the top 500 manufacturing companies in China. It has established a post-doctoral workstation with more than 500 engineers and technicians working on product design and manufacturing technology research. The company’s popularity and competitiveness in the international market have been increasing.

LiuGong 862H loader

LiuGong 862H loader has a deadweight of 21.1t, rated load capacity of 6.5t and unloading height of 3.8m. 3550mm wheelbase is comparable to a 7t class loader; the long-wheelbase design makes the vehicle more stable.

It is equipped with Guangkang QSL9.3 electronically controlled engine with a rated power of 180kW and maximum torque of 1187N-m. This is an engine tailor-made for loaders, which meets the off-road National III emission standard and has many advantages such as strong power, high reliability, high intelligence, low fuel consumption, low noise and easy maintenance, eliminating the user’s concern about the possible lack of power of the equipment under heavy-duty working conditions.

LiuGong 862H loader adopts Cummins engine and more advanced fixed-variable hydraulic system, which has greatly improved the power and speed and enhanced the whole vehicle’s performance. The power components are equipped with stronger German ZF transmission, which can adapt to harsh working conditions and high reliability. The longer service life of the hood and one-step maintenance. The working device is optimized and strengthened, which is more sturdy and durable. The heat dissipation system is optimized and upgraded, with the better effect of a large area radiator.

China Lonking Holdings Limited

With technical solid R&D strength and excellent facilities and equipment, it has independently developed and manufactured more than 500 models of complete machine products in four categories, including loaders, excavators, forklifts and road rollers, with core competitiveness.

Longongong LG833N loader

Open hood structure: side door flips up, the rear cover opens sideways for easy maintenance—reasonable air filter arrangement and convenient filter element extraction. The oil, fuel, and double-variable oil filters are arranged in conspicuous positions for easy daily inspection and maintenance. You can easily replace the air conditioning filter in the cab.  

The lubrication points are centrally arranged for easy greasing, and the fuel tank rotates sideways to provide maintenance space. The hydraulic oil tank is top-mounted, so You can maintain the hydraulic system without draining oil. The brake system is equipped with a brake calliper protection plate, which effectively prevents sand and dust from entering and is easy to maintain—flat cab floor without steps, easy to clean.  

 The electrical system is optimally designed, and the positive control cut-off relay is added to improve the reliability of the circuit. The electrical system selects the connection plug-in with waterproof function and the fixing clip of special plug-in, which has a waterproof and anti-vibration function, improving the reliability of the wiring harness connection and ensuring the machine can operate normally in both rain and fog.

Shandong Shandong Machinery Co.

Shandong Machinery has a wide selection of wheel loaders, rollers, graders, and crawler bulldozers, all of which meet or exceed local industry quality and reliability requirements to meet customers’ needs in the construction machinery industry in China and around the world.

Shandong wheel loader SEM660D

Wide range of engineering applications Widely applicable to ports, aggregates, mines, steel plant de-slagging, large-capacity earthmoving and other heavy-duty working conditions with high operational efficiency and high productivity requirements Also suitable for gravel plants, coal yards and construction sites and other loose materials, loading more, moving faster and lower fuel consumption.

High efficiency hydraulic system  

The patented design of load sensing constant variable combined hydraulic system, more energy saving, more comfortable operation Key hydraulic system parts are adopted from world-famous brand suppliers to ensure high reliability Optimized hydraulic system three times shorter and more reasonable matching with the transmission system, more energy-saving High-level hydraulic oil tank to ensure the service life of the hydraulic pump.

Luxury cab  

The driving adopts stamping and moulding technology, with better sealing, luxurious interior and wide view. The sliding window side door is convenient for ventilation, with fresh air function of heating and cooling air conditioning. Relays and insurance plugs are centrally arranged. The cab and the whole machine, the circuit is centrally connected design, convenient maintenance, more storage space: single handle operation pilot hydraulic system, light and flexible, good micro-motion.

Lovol Construction Machinery Group Co.

It has established more than 500 marketing and service channels in more than 120 countries overseas, forming a network system covering worldwide. It has sold more than 100,000 units of agricultural equipment and construction machinery products in total.

 FL955F wheel loader

Heavy Industries FL955F wheel loader has a mature and reliable configuration, adequate safety protection and long, trouble-free time. The optimized hydraulic system of the work unit is light and flexible in operation, and reliable. The hydraulic joints and pipes are connected with 24 cones double seal design, making the oil “nowhere to escape”, optimizing the hydraulic pipeline direction, reducing the oil pipe wear and interference, and prolonging the service time. The fixed shaft gearbox is tested and reliable, and durable in the market. The newly upgraded and reinforced drive axle for Lovol Heavy Industries further optimizes the gears with 20% higher strength and longer service life.

Shantui Construction Machinery Co.

Top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers and Top 500 Chinese enterprises, Shantui has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. Its main products have passed CE certification and EPA certification.

Shantui L53-C3 Loader

As a 5-ton loader, the Shantui L53-C3 loader has been scientifically optimized; with excellent digging force and lifting force, the maximum digging pressure can reach 170kN; the bucket shape is further optimized, with low insertion resistance and high total bucket rate. CAE analyzes the equipment’s structural parts to eliminate local weaknesses and tests by a high-intensity destructive operation to ensure that they can meet various severe working conditions. In addition, the double pumps combined with priority valve hydraulic system and load-sensitive coaxial flow amplification steering system ensure the rapid hydraulic response and high efficiency of the whole machine work steering operation. The key components of the equipment are robotically welded, with considerable welding depth and stable weld quality, thoroughly ensuring the sturdiness and durability of the core load-bearing parts. The whole machine is articulated in the front position, sturdy and durable, which can adapt to different complex and harsh environments for construction work. It is also suitable for loader shovelling operation of loose materials.

Fujian JinGong machinery co.

Ltd. is a large specialized enterprise with the main business of producing “Jin Gong” brand ZL series wheel loaders and their parts, and “Gong” brand ZL series wheel loaders, tested by the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the reliability and other performance indicators have reached the first-class products of the Ministry and the advanced level of similar products in China.

JinGong JGM857L loader

The cab door is made by stamping and forming the inner and outer plates and then welding them together, with high technology level, beautiful and flat, and good sealing. The door opens forward, the entrance width increases by 20%, and the design without threshold makes it more convenient for the driver to enter and exit. The front gear is double curved tempered glass, with a comprehensive view and good sound and heat insulation performance. The cab is entered from the left side of one side, and the right window can be pushed and pulled up and down. The cab has an overall base plate, hydraulic hoses, and wiring harness to enter the cab, following the principle of one tube over one hole. The “micro-pressurization” cab effectively isolates dust and reduces noise. The overall sealing is better.

By increasing the overall rigidity of the cab, improving the sealing of the cab, optimizing the characteristics of the shock absorber and the application of sound-absorbing materials, etc., the noise next to the driver’s ear is reduced. We are reversing mirror, sunshade, fan, dual USB dual charging seat, cup holder, silk ring floor mat, radio, hand rest, seat belt, safety hammer, fire extinguisher, water sprayable front wiper, etc. the driver more comfortable, convenient and safe when working.

Nicosai Machinery

Located in Jining, Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, covering an area of 92,000 square meters, is a professional roller manufacturer in China with years of experience in manufacturing and exporting high-quality rollers. As a professional machinery supplier, it is an integrated industrial and trading company committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through strict quality control and attentive customer service.

Wheel Loader ZL910

mini wheel loader with price

The best feature of this ZL910 small wheel loader is that it is cost-effective, compact and lightweight, so it is more suitable for family farm work and narrow places.

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