1. Brand of small excavator

At present, there are hundreds of factories producing small excavators in the market; but among these many brands, how can you choose your favorite brand? Each brand has its own production philosophy and target customer groups.

Many users do not consider the brand when buying a machine, but only consider the price; for example, NICOSIAL machinery, European and American brands, Korean brands and other Chinese brands, what is the value of a brand? These users often don’t think about it; as in the cars we drive, the brand gap between BMW and Ferrari is very large, not to mention construction machinery? So when buying a machine, you must not compare two brands with a big difference.

mini excavator

2. Performance comparison of small excavators

Small excavators have been listed as a type of agricultural machinery, not entirely construction machinery; therefore, in China, the engines of small excavators are mainly Changchai and KOOP, because these two companies are mainly agricultural machinery equipment; if you buy Seeing these two engines, don’t make a fuss or even start to doubt the strength of the excavator factory.

And the fuel consumption of small excavators is basically 4.5-6L/h, this data is not much different among all brands, and there is no need to worry too much about fuel consumption. If the sales of a brand tell you that their engines can save more than 20% fuel than other brands, such sales are purely unreliable; especially the technology of small engines that save 5% of fuel, the entire factory is an innovative and comprehensive breakthrough.

3. Business conditions

This is a must to talk about when buying a new machine. For users who really want to get a good deal, they must know the bare-metal price, sea freight, after-sales service, warranty period, etc., in addition to these terms, and compare several After the brand is established, determine whether price is really appropriate and whether it really gets a bigger discount.

4. Comparison of parameters of small excavator

When many users buy a small excavator, they will not consider the working parameters of the equipment and other data in the past, but it is often these data that can deceive you most. For example, working parameters such as the maximum excavator height, maximum digging depth, maximum unloading height, etc., as well as the size of the fuel tank, these parameters directly determine the technology, production process, design concept and material cost of the entire company. When it comes out, the tangible and intangible costs are not as simple as imagined.

Small excavators are very detailed in the models. For example, there are 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, etc. models of excavators, which has already made it impossible for buyers to distinguish. The more in this situation, the more we must consider the working conditions of the usual work, the loyalty and care of the driver, and how to deal with the working conditions of special operations; if the more sophisticated users, we must also consider this kind of machine. Type of market retention, ease of maintenance, and acceptance at the time of sale, etc.

1.8 ton mini excavators for sale

5.the comfort of the excavator cab

A small excavator is a kind of delicate operation, not like a large excavator that can maintain mechanical action; and a small excavator has very high requirements for the entire technical operation in greening, municipal administration, crushing, etc., and such The requirement is precisely the degree of cherishment for the driver. The driver’s long-term work must take into account the career of the entire cab, the comfort of the seat, the flexibility of the operating handle and other details.

When driving a small excavator, many people can feel that there is a big difference between Chinese small excavators and Korean ones, but Korean ones are very different from Japanese ones, and Japanese ones are also very different from European and American ones. ; These are the design concepts that reflect the entire NICOSAIL machinery, People-oriented, improve comfort, and improve efficiency.

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