Six Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Small Excavator From China

Are you looking for an excavator that must be able to work in a narrow space and perform excavation work efficiently? This article will tell you how to choose and buy the right small excavator.

If you want to buy the best Chinese mini excavator, this article will make the process easier. This article highlights six main factors to consider when looking for the best mini excavator.

Application of small excavator

The small excavator is so tiny; can it be used? Will it break down soon? The minimum weight of a small excavator is only 600 kg. For example, the OKW08 mini excavator of NICOSAIL Machinery looks like a children’s toy, but the 8.6kW power allows you to use it without worrying. It will enable you to improve the mobility of residential yards or narrow campuses. In addition, due to its high performance and low maintenance, it has a wide range of applications. Small excavators are most commonly used in road construction, house decoration, ditch excavation, garden maintenance, tree planting, hole digging, and other scenes.

Six factors you must consider when buying a small excavator

There are many kinds of small-sized excavators in the market, ranging from 1 ton to 6 tons, and many brands and models. You can only get the perfect small-sized excavator most suitable for you by taking full consideration. In this article, we provide you with some necessary suggestions for your reference, hoping to be helpful to you.

You can purchase small excavators with various configurations, comfort levels and operating weights. However, some key factors are listed below:

Dimensions and power of small excavators

When it comes to the size and power of small excavators, it depends on the manufacturer and the design details of the machine. The size of the mini excavator ranges from 1 to 6 tons, and the size of 1 to 2 tons is considered the most appropriate choice. However, it would be best to consider several factors before choosing the size.

Excavation depth

How deep is the hole (ditch) you dug? Will you use it for larger projects in the future?


How often do you use the excavator? What does the warehouse/maintenance cost? How much can you pay with your credit card? What is your target operating cost per hour? Compared with buying a new small excavator, is it cost-effective to rent it?

Site conditions

Do you work in a narrow space or an open environment? Can you drive an excavator on the road? Is a smaller excavator more suitable for you?

Bucket capacity

What is the size of the material you moved? What size bucket do you need? Are you prepared to prepare multiple accessories for the excavator for use in different scenarios?

The comfort of mini excavator

The comfortable excavator is the most efficient excavation technology. The excavator has enough comfort, so the operator can achieve the highest work efficiency, thus reducing costs. Therefore, you must thoroughly check whether the small excavator you choose has all the comfort you want.

With the progress of production technology of small excavators, the comfort of small excavators is getting higher and higher. You can choose:

Heating or air conditioning

Bluetooth system

FM radio

Multifunctional monitoring system

Touch control system

USB port

Luxury seats.

Safety of small excavator

Safety accidents should be considered first in any workplace. While looking for comfort in your mini excavator, you should consider the safety system. Without a safety support system, you may be unable to ensure a healthy and efficient working environment.

You need to check if you have purchased a unit with the following components:

Rearview camera

Emergency alarm.

Circuit breaker system

Window guard/polycarbonate front glass

Essential accessories of a small excavator

An important feature of small excavators is their versatile use. In addition to digging, they can also do many different jobs. When you buy a small excavator, one of the most important things is that you must check the essential accessories and options. With the help of these accessories, you will be able to create a perfect mini excavator.

The main accessories are as follows:

breaking hammer

Auger drill


Quick hitch

Buckets of different sizes

After-sales service

An excellent Chinese manufacturer always provides customers with special discounts and warranty services.

Check the characteristics of the mini excavator.

You should also pay attention to the functions of small excavators. If you need, you can also choose customization because it is straightforward for the manufacturing industry to customize.

How to purchase a small excavator in China Nicosail

Nicosail Machinery is your reliable excavator manufacturing brand in China. It has distributors and users not only in China but also in many countries around the world. We can provide you with the best service. When purchasing small excavator machinery for your work, you need to leave your email. Our customer service team will contact you immediately to provide purchase suggestions and guidance.


While evaluating all the important factors above, you can now get better technical information related to excavator machinery. You can now analyze your work form, needs and requirements and then decide to purchase a small excavator.

Of course, you can also seek help from professionals to help you get the best machine.

So, if you have made up your mind, you should go to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, and then visit Nicosail to order your best mini excavator.

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