Safety tips for novices to avoid when operating small excavators

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For newcomers who have just entered the excavator circle, they need to learn a lot in their work. In this process, they will also encounter large and small safety hazards. So how to effectively avoid some common safety hazards?

Leave enough space on the right

The excavator’s cockpit is on the left, so there will be a large blind spot on the right side of the excavator, making it easy for us not to see the obstacles on the right when driving the excavator. Therefore, experienced excavator masters often leave plenty of space on the right side of the excavator when driving the excavator, which will allow their vision to be more expansive and enable others to have enough time to avoid it. Also, the rear-view mirror of the excavator is essential. Many novices think that the rear-view mirror is irrelevant. Even if it is broken, it is not repaired in time, which often dramatically increases the probability of an excavator accident.

Maintain good driving habits

Many new operators have a bad habit. To pursue a wider field of vision, they tend to raise the excavator’s boom so that driving will make the center of gravity of the excavator tilt forward. There is a risk of turning on, so it is essential to develop good driving habits.

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Cultivate the ability of self-analysis and judgment

New operators who have just entered the industry often follow the on-site management staff’s instructions when working and do not have their judgment, so some accidents often occur. Because many on-site managers do not know how to drive excavators and do not know some details of excavators’ operation, it is easy to relax their vigilance for specific tasks that do not seem very dangerous from the outside, such as hoisting heavy objects and maneuvering and crossing trenches. Therefore, for novices, they must have independent judgments on these hazardous actions. If they feel potential safety hazards, they must promptly communicate and negotiate with the on-site management personnel.

Find the way first, then move forward

For some excavators working on soft ground such as river beaches, it is easy to sink the machine into quicksand swamps. Therefore, when working in these dangerous areas, you must be careful every step of the way. Use a bucket to explore the road first, then go forward. Yes, and should try to avoid staying in one place for too long; this can also reduce the excavator’s risk of falling into the sand.

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The driving posture should be correct

Many young manipulators like to take off their shoes and put one foot on the driver’s seat when operating the machine. This is a nasty driving habit. Such a sitting posture will make their hand movements inconvenient. It is challenging to deal with emergencies in time, and this kind of sitting posture can easily cause lumbar disc herniation in the long run. Besides, the cockpit door should also be closed and never cover it; otherwise, the excavator will easily catch yourself or other people’s hands when going up and down.

The above introduces several hidden safety hazards and simple evasion methods that are easily encountered by novice excavators. I wish every friend who uses the excavator a safe and prosperous future!

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