ZL930 Wheel Loader

ZL930 wheel loader: equipped with 4102 / 76KW turbo-diesel engine in the cloud, 315 hydraulic transmission (automatic gear), 16 / 70-20 tires, mechanical pilot operation, unloading height 3.5 meters. Standard bucket 1m³, load 2 tons.

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Rated load


Rated Capacity


Total Weight


Engine model

YUNNEI 4102 turbo

Rated power


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Product Details:

ZL930 2000kg Mini Wheel Loader Price

1. The equipped Yunnei engine makes the complete machine have high power output and reserve power.
2. The power producer adopts a new-type high-pressure pump to make the complete machine have the ultra-strong capacity for lifting and scooping up materials. The application of coaxial flow amplifying technology makes the complete machine lighter and more flexible. The brake system adopts the advanced air over hydraulic technology and the four-wheel caliper-type brake, sensitive, safe, and reliable.
3. The wide and heavier front frame is equipped with a super swing arm combination. The rear steel plate frame made by one-step molding makes the machine structure more stable, stronger,and more durable.
4. The new cab is enclosed with toughened glass. It is equipped with an extra luxury seat, an air heater, and sound equipment. The human-oriented control device offers comfortable driving experiences. The wide field of vision reduces driver fatigue.

ZL930 mini wheel loader
Rated load2000kg
Rated Capacity1m3
Total Weight4800kg
Engine modelYUNNEI 4102 turbo
Rated power76KW
Unload height3500mm
Unload distance1000mm

wheel loader price Features

  1. Euro II/III, EPA, Tier 2/3/4 engine
  2. 3/4 ways valves
  3. EU farm shape/construction shape\
  4. LED lights, rear/front/top light, cabin interior light
  5. heater, fans, radio, MP3, fire extinguisher in cabin
  6. reverse alarm
  7. optional items: floating function, rear camera, hydraulic joystick, electronic joystick, outer preheater for engine, hand brake, natural start, AC
  8. optional attachments: quick hitch, pallet fork, log fork, snow blade, snow plow, snow sweeper, 4 in 1 bucket, grass cutter, etc.

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