WZ35-26 Backhoe Loader

The WZ35-26 backhoe loader is equipped with Quanchai 495 supercharged National III engine, with a maximum load of 2000 kg at the loading end and a maximum digging depth of 3200 mm at the digging end. One cost-effective.

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WZ35-26 multi-function digger loader

The digger loader price Match with the high-quality engine, low, low blow off of noise, driving force forceful, twist from when the reserve is big. The driving force excavating particular loader use fixing an axis changes the gear speed change box, the structure is compact, the drive is efficient, structure stiffness is big, life-span is long.
The dyadic center equidistance hinge joint fleet of carriage, makes turn the radius is small, the expedient function is good. ·Excavating apart is that the box’s dyadic structure, load support capability are strong, the intensity is tall, and the stability is good. ·The drive’s cab, wide vision, air-conditioning, operation environment sealing off subtraction vibrating, and allocating are comfortable and safe.
Various machines and tools such as selecting and using –in-one bucket, breaking a hammer to pieces, and function are all in readiness.

Digger Parameters
Bucket capacity0.16-0.19
Maximum digging depthmm3200/m
Maximum digging heightmm4100-4330/m
Boom swing angle°170°
Rising powerkn28.4kn
Bucket digging forcekn32.4kn
Stick digging forcekn22.9kn
Loader Parameters
Loading bucket capacity1.1-1.4
Maximum lifting heightmm4300
Maximum unloading heightmm3500
Maximum unloading distancemm1106
Rated loading qualitykg≤2000kg
Boom lift times3.5
Boom lowering times2.5
EngineQuanchai 495 supercharged
Rated powerKw66.2KW/2400r/min
Maximum flowm/r63
Working pressureMpa16-21
Driving speed38km/h
Tire20.5/70-16Steel wire tire
Minimum distance from the ground310mm

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