WZ15-26 Backhoe Loader

The WZ15-26 backhoe loader is equipped with a 55 kW YUNNIE 490 supercharged engine with a maximum load of 1500 kg and a maximum digging depth of 2600 mm. It can be equipped with different auxiliary equipment to meet different needs, cost-effective.

Additional information



Operating Weight

4800 kg


55kw (75 hp)

Rated Load

2000 kg

Excavation Depth

2600 mm

Product Details:

WZ15-26 small backhoe loader Function and characteristic
1. Compact body, flexible and convenient, energy-efficient.
2. The coherent compound action drags two operating handles for easy operation.
3. The excavator is designed as a slideway with the advantage of folding side digging and free sliding.
4. With an auxiliary oil circuit, upgradeable and practical auxiliary equipment can achieve real multi-function.
5. The maintenance is simple, the maintenance is low, and the maintenance cost is low.

Operating Weight4800 kg
Power55 kW (75 hp)
Travel Speed0 – 26 km/h
Working Pressure16 MPa
Wheel Tread1550 mm
Wheel Base2150 mm
Tire Model23.5 – 16
Tire Pressure250 KPa
Transmission TypeHydraulic
Braking SystemAir Assist
Min. Turning Radius4000 mm
Loading Parameters
Rated Load2000 kg
Loader Capacity1.0 cbm
Loader Max. Dumping Height3300 mm
Loader Max. Dumping Distance900 mm
Loader Max. Breakout Force36 kn (3672 kg)
Excavation Parameters
Bucket Capacity0.15 cbm
Max. Excavation Depth2600 mm
Max. Excavation Height4200 mm
Max. Excavation Radius4600 mm
Max. Dumping Height2200 mm
Max. Breakout Force28 kn (2856 kg)

small backhoe loader Features

  • High power, strong operation ability. Engine, box, bridge, hydraulic system, and other key parts are imported components and improve the whole machine’s reliability.


  • High driving speed and small turning radius. The integrated frame improves the stability of operation and driving. Adopt a single pump oil supply, steering priority hydraulic system, system pressure up to 21Mpa, and improve the whole machine’s operating capacity. The maximum speed is 28 km/h, which improves the production efficiency of the whole machine.


  • Easy to operate, shift gears in the movement, single lever operation for loading bucket, double lever operation for digging. The whole machine takes the excavation as the key work; therefore, it has obviously improved the excavation stability in the structural design aspect.

ALL kinds of attachments.

(Trencher, angle broom, sweeper with bucket, grapple, digger, backhoe, snow blade, snow blower, hydraulic breaker, fork, manure pusher, bale spear, trencher, angle broom, sweeper with bucket, trencher, breaker, auger, ripper, couplers,, etc.)

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