JC45 skid steer loader

This JC45 skid steer loader is equipped with a 37Kw engine, with a maximum of 700 kg and a bucket volume of 0.4 cubic meters.

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This JC45 skid steer loader is equipped with a 37Kw engine, with a maximum of 700 kg and a bucket volume of 0.4 cubic meters.

The skid steer loader is also known as wheel-type special chassis equipment that uses the difference in the wheels’ linear speed on both sides to achieve vehicle steering. It is mainly used on occasions where the worksite is narrow, the ground is uneven, and the work content changes frequently.

Model NumberJC45
Performance parameter
Rated load (kg)700
Maximum speed (KM/H)12
Hydraulic flow (L/min)62.5
Tire type10-16.5
Rated Power (kW)37
Fuel tank capacity (L)70
Operating Weight (kg)2700
Bucket Volume (m)0.4
Dimension parameter
Maximum operating height (mm)3980
Bucket pin height (mm)3080
Cab Ceiling Height (mm)2140
Bucket to its bottom maximum height (mm)2913
No bucket total length (mm)2640
Total length with bucket (mm)3420
Maximum height unloading angle (mm)40
Discharge Height (mm)2380
Unloading Distance (mm)700
Bucket reversal angle (mm) at ground level30
Bucket tipping angle at maximum (mm)104
Wheelbase (mm)991
Ground Clearance (mm)180
Angle of departure (°)20
Turning radius (mm) without bucket1168
Forward turning radius (mm)1958
Rear turning radius (mm)1630
Tail length (mm)1108
Wheelbase (standard tire)(mm)1450
Vehicle Width (standard tire)(mm)1720
Standard bucket width (mm)1740

Features of skid steer loader:

1. Safe and comfortable operating environment

Wide field of vision, you can observe the working device and surrounding environment well while working; the rearview mirror on the boom allows the operator to grasp the situation behind the fuselage clearly;
The cab, seat belt, and safety armrest will automatically lock the walking system and operating handle after being lifted, and realize the parking brake;
Heating and cooling air-conditioning, operating rods and dashboards arranged according to ergonomic principles, servo control system, hand and foot linkage-type throttle enable the machine to start and brake smoothly, keeping the operator in working condition all the time;
The left and right handles control walking and working device movements, which is more in line with operating habits and facilitates fine operation;

2. Daily maintenance and maintenance

Without raising the starting arm, the cab can be turned back in a short period of time, allowing easy and comprehensive access to the engine and hydraulic components to complete inspection and maintenance quickly;
Lift-up hood and outward-rotation rear hood door, easily and quickly check the engine, hydraulic oil tank, diesel tank, and radiator;
The chain’s tension adjustment and maintenance can be completed from the outside, convenient, and fast.

3. Core accessories

Equipped with high-quality core components: the power system adopts PERKINS/KUBOTA, providing excellent power and torque, low fuel consumption, low speed, and high torque, and long life;

4. The ideal machine for the job

Use a comprehensive series of work tools to improve the efficiency of the skid steer loader greatly. These tools have good performance and durability, can improve the productivity of a variety of applications, thereby increasing the versatility and flexibility of FUWEI skid steer loaders:
• Auger
• Backhoe excavator
• Dozer (Dozer blade angle)
• Bucket (general purpose, high capacity, dust, practicality, light material, multi-function, industrial grab, practical grab)
• Broom (corner, extraction, practicality)
• Lawnmower
• Cold milling machine
• Forks (pallets, industrial grabs, practical grabs, practicality)
• Hydraulic hammer
• Garden tillage machine
• Garden harrow
• Material handling arm
• Powerbox ripper
• Hydraulic shears
• Snowblower
• Stump grinder
• Trencher

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