TS65 Track Skid Steer Loader

This TS65 crawler skid steer loader is equipped with a 55Kw engine, with a maximum load of 1000 kg and a bucket capacity of 0.5 cubic meters.

Additional information

Rated load (kg)


High flow system flow


Tire type

320 * 86

Rated Power (Kw)


Operating Weight (kg)


Bucket Volume (m)


Product Details:

Model NumberTS65
Performance parameter
Rated load (kg)1000
Maximum speed (KM/H)12
Hydraulic flow (L/min)80
High flow system flow120
Tire type320 * 86
Rated Power (kW)55
Fuel tank capacity (L)90
Operating Weight (kg)3800
Bucket Volume (m)0.5
Dimension parameter
Maximum operating height (mm)3480
Bucket pin height (mm)2900
Cab Ceiling Height (mm)2150
Bucket to its maximum bottom height (mm)2730
No total bucket length (mm)2750
Full length with the bucket (mm)3500
Maximum height unloading angle (mm)40
Discharge Height (mm)2230
Unloading Distance (mm)715
Bucket reversal angle (mm) at ground level30
Bucket tipping angle at maximum (mm)104
Wheelbase (mm)1500
Ground Clearance (mm)200
Angle of departure (°)20
Turning radius (mm) without a bucket1298
Forward turning radius (mm)2010
Rear turning radius (mm)1714
Tail length (mm)890
Wheelbase (standard tire)(mm)1462
Vehicle Width (standard tire)(mm)1782
Standard bucket width (mm)1830

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