Telescopic Boom Loader

Telescopic boom loader is a form in which the two booms of the loader are made into a telescopic form. When needed, the boom will be extended to complete the previously unreachable working height, and the boom will be retracted when not needed. The normal length is convenient for normal work and use. It is suitable for different sites and industries, replacing labour, and its compactness makes it a trustworthy partner for narrow construction sites.

Additional information

Product Details:

Bucket Capacity1.3m³1.5m³1.7m³
Max. Load2500kg3000kg3500kg
Bucket hinge pin Height5300mm5400mm6000mm
Extend the arm length3400mm3400mm3800mm
Bucket Max. lift height6100mm6200mm6500mm
Bucket Max. unloading height4500mm4600mm5200mm

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