5 Tons All-terrain Forklift

Model OKY50 Rough Terrain Forklift is a unique vehicle with a rated load of 5.0 tons and a lifting height of 3.5m. The large wheel-side reducer driving axle and full hydraulic transmission case make the vehicle move in any complex off roadways; it adopts articulated chassis and the min. The turning radius is 4.2 meters only.

Additional information

Rated Load


Max.unloading Height


Max.Grade Ability


Engine Model

YUNNEI 4102 Supercharged engine

Engine power



5350*2100*2800 mm

Product Details:

OKY50 5 Tons All-terrain Off-Road forklift for sale

Features: Powerful lifting force, working time is shortened, and the working efficiency is improved.
 Air-over-oil assist caliper braking system.
 Split type torque converter, not easy to overheat, easy maintenance.
 Optional engine: YTO or CUMMINS engine.
 Electronic flameout, automatic power off, no knife-switch.

Rated Load5000 kg
Max. unloading Height3500 mm
Overall Weight7800 kg
Max.Grade Ability16°≤30°
Engine ModelYUNNEI 4102 Supercharged engine
Engine power76kw
Drive modeFour-wheel drive
Steering modeArticulated
Front tire900-20 Steel wire tire
Rear tire16/70-20 Pneumatic tire
Ground Clearance32 mm
Wheelbase2450 mm
Min. Turning Radius4250 mm
Max. speed25-30km/s
Dimensions5350*2100*2800 mm

1. The OKY50 off-road forklift for sale is driven by YUNNEI 4102, 76 kW turbocharged and water-cooled diesel engines, featuring high reliability and low fuel consumption.
2. The rated load of the fork is 5000 Kg, and the lifting height is 3.5m. Fork size and lifting height can be customized.
3. The car has ROPS & FOPS cab, which can greatly improve the driver’s safety.
4. The mast’s tilt angle is 6 ° / 12 ° (F / R).
5. The car adopts a split torque converter, which is not easy to overheat and is easy to maintain.
6. The engine casing adopts a thickened punch forming steel plate, which greatly improves the vehicle’s stability.

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