5 Tons All-terrain Forklift

Model OKY50 Rough Terrain Forklift is a unique vehicle with a rated load of 5.0 tons and a lifting height of 3.5m. The large wheel-side reducer driving axle and full hydraulic transmission case make the vehicle move in any complex off roadways; it adopts articulated chassis and the min. The turning radius is 4.2 meters only.

Additional information

Rated Load


Max.unloading Height


Max.Grade Ability


Engine Model

YUNNEI 4102 Supercharged engine

Engine power



5350*2100*2800 mm

Product Details:

Rated Load5000 kg
Max. unloading Height3500 mm
Overall Weight7800 kg
Max.Grade Ability16°≤30°
Engine ModelYUNNEI 4102 Supercharged engine
Engine power76kw
Drive modeFour-wheel drive
Steering modeArticulated
Front tire900-20 Steel wire tire
Rear tire16/70-20 Pneumatic tire
Ground Clearance32 mm
Wheelbase2450 mm
Min. Turning Radius4250 mm
Max. speed25-30km/s
Dimensions5350*2100*2800 mm

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