3 Tons All-terrain Forklift

This rough terrain forklift main used for all kinds of work, as lifting and transporting machinery; this model forklift truck is widely used for loading, unloading, and transporting the packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, wharves, ports, and so on.

Additional information

Rated Load


Max.unloading Height

3500 mm

Overall Weight

4500 kg

Max.Grade Ability


Engine Model

YUNNEI 490 Supercharged engine

Engine power


Product Details:

A small off-road forklift is a generic vehicle used for loading and unloading, short-distance transport, heavy lifting, usually using diesel or battery-driven: simple operation and fast driving.
Widely used in railway stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc., is efficient equipment mechanical for loading and unloading, stacking, and short-distance transport.
Rough Terrain forklift Trucks made of hydraulic transmission, wide-base tire, and four-wheel driving have excellent cross-country ability. It can be attached to all kinds of optional devices. It can safely load and move goods on slopes and uneven ground.
It is mainly used for Construction site, dockyards, construction mines, stone yards, civil engineering, mountain forest areas, etc.

Rated Load3000 kg
Max. unloading Height3500 mm
Overall Weight4500 kg
Max.Grade Ability16°≤30°
Engine ModelYUNNEI 490 Supercharged engine
Engine power55kw
Drive modeFour-wheel drive
Steering modeArticulated
Front tire20.5/70-16 Steel wire tire
Rear tire20.5/70-16 Pneumatic tire
Ground Clearance 280  mm
Wheelbase 2250  mm
Min. Turning Radius3750  mm
Max. speed25-30km/s
Dimensions4450*1800*2600 mm

1. The whole hydraulic electronically controlled gearbox, full hydraulic steering, and pilot artistry make the whole machine more flexible

2. Small off-road forklift Equipped with double-bridge four or six-wheel drive, which has large traction and makes it more safe and stable;

3. The articulated frame has a small turning radius, and the walking operation handle adopts the advanced technology of German ZF.

4. Install tire clamp attachments to replace large-scale mining machinery tires, and configure various special-shaped attachments.

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