The grand launch of the new OKW25U mini excavator. Extremely compact and rugged enough to handle the most demanding tasks in tight spaces with ease. Now with a more spacious cabin and wide field of view, as well as a wider, lower entrance for easy access to and from the cabin, the OKW25U offers outstanding comfort and exceptional performance. Luxury for every job you do. With zero tail swing, even the tightest spaces can be an efficient place to work. The minimal protrusion of the tail beyond the width of the tracks allows you to turn the cab within a 360-degree turning radius with confidence and safety, and fewer accidents with surrounding objects. Compared to traditional zero-tail rotary excavators, it also maintains better balance and faster operation speed, making this small excavator ideal for working in crowded urban areas and buildings.

Additional information

Total Weight


Bucket capacity


Engine power


Hydraulic system pressure


Tail swing radius


Product Details:

Total Weight2416KG
Bucket capacity0.075m³
Engine modelChangchai 390
Engine power20KW/2200rpm
Full length3074mm
Full width1500mm
Full height2313mm
Hydraulic system pressure18Mpa
Number of supporting wheels on one side 3 pieces
Distance from ground to hanging wall 534mm
Front and rear wheelbase1560mm
Left and right track gauge1200mm
Boom deflection45°(Left)
Boom deflection55°(Left)
Tail swing radius936mm
Minimum ground clearance230mm
Bucket maximum digging force19.5KN
Number of supporting sprockets on one side1 pieces

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