OKW20 Crawler Excavator

The product has a beautiful appearance, high configuration, superior performance, low fuel consumption ,, and a wide operating range. Use quick hooks to add accessories such as screws, hydraulic hammers, buckets, and grabs. It can reduce maintenance and operation costs, liberate the labor force, and improve mechanization with low investment and high return.

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Operating Weight


Bucket capacity





22.1Kw/ 2350rpm

Dig Depth


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Product Details:

The 2-ton small digger miniature excavator has the unique advantages of low price, lightweight, and convenient maintenance and repair. Its compact size, flexibility, versatility ,, and high efficiency are trendy among users. This type of mini-excavator is widely used for small and flexible excavation. It is very suitable for all kinds of pipeline excavation, foundation construction, public utilities, and urban housing maintenance business. The small size and special design make it possible to work in environments where large excavators cannot be built.


1. This small excavator can be equipped with domestic famous brand engines and imported Japanese Yanmar engines. It has large power characteristics, long service life, low noise, low emissions, low fuel consumption ,, and easy maintenance.
2. Performance, noise ,and emissions have reached European standards.
3. Using rubber tracks, even indoor and sidewalks, roads, and public places where floor tiles are laid can normally work without worrying about being damaged.
4. Optional steel track can effectively improve the track’s wear resistance while extending the life of the track.
5. It can be equipped with a closed large-space cab, which has no blind spots, and a thickened ceiling, which can be used for driving work, thereby making the machine and personnel safer.
6. It can be easily removed at any time and can be flexibly operated in a highly confined space.
7 You can also choose various accessories, such as crusher, excavator, grapple ,, and auger. Different equipment and functions can be tailored according to your needs and requirements.

ModelUnitOKW18 small digger
Operating Weightkg2000
Bucket capacitym30.15
Bucket sizecm45
Powerkw22.1Kw/ 2350rpm
Rotary speedrpm10
Walking speedkm/h2.8
Grade ability°30
Crawler widthcm28
Crawler lengthmm1880
Max. Digging Radiusmm3850
Max. Digging Depthmm2200
Max. Digging Heightmm3300
Max unloading heightmm2400

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