To optimize stability when using heavy-duty attachments,the OKW17 chassis can be extended to a maximum of 1040 mm and retracted to 940 mm to make passage through narrow doorways and tight jobs possible.Any adjustment can be made in seconds by operating the independent telescopic joystick. The small excavator designed using pioneering technology reduces human labor intensity and makes operation labor-saving. The OKW17 excavator works more accurately and flexibly,improving work efficiency.

Additional information

Machine weight




Bucket capacity


Maximum digging height


Maximum digging depth


Product Details:

project typeOKW17OKW15
rated power29Kw19Kw
fuel tank capacity 9.5L9.5L
Standard bucket width400mm400mm
Maximum digging force14KN11KN
Hydraulic pumpShimadzuShimadzu
Hydraulic flow                        22L/min18L/min
work pressure20Mpa20Mpa
Swing speed                              99
Walking speed22
climbing angle30°  30°
Ground voltage30Kpa28Kpa
Maximum digging depth2100mm2100mm
Maximum digging distance3500mm3500mm
Maximum vertical arm digging depth2000mm2000mm
Maximum digging height3100mm3100mm
Maximum unloading height2100mm2100mm
Minimum turning radius1500mm1500mm
Chassis width                        1100mm                   1100mm
Dozer blade height and width220*1100mm220*1000mm
Track width230mm230mm

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