1.5 Ton Mini Excavator

It adopts KUBOTA D722 engine, which has strong power, flexible operation, and outstanding performance. Optional Yanmar engine. The pilot control on both sides of the seat is adopted, which is not easy to fatigue during long-term construction. Simultaneously, the walking control increases the foot pedal, which is more suitable for conventional excavators’ operation habits.

Additional information

Operating Weight


Bucket size






Dig Depth

1650 mm

Dig Height

2400 mm

Product Details:

Overal operation weightkg1500 kg
Bucket widthmm400 mm
Bucket loadcbm0.025m³
Engine powerkW / HP19  / 26
displacementL0.898 L
Swing speedrpm/min12
Grade ability°30
Digging  forceKN11 KN
Fuel capacityL18L
Overall transport lengthmm3300 mm
Overall transport widthmm1100 mm
Overal transport heightmm2350 mm
Dozer blader widthmm950 / 1100 mm
Dozer blade heightmm270 mm
Track centre distancemm883 mm
Boom heightmm2635 mm
Rear track distancemm745 mm
Rubber track widthmm180 mm
Rubber track lengthmm1450 mm
Wheel spacingmm1120 mm
Operation range
Max digging heightmm2400 mm
Max dumping heightmm1800 mm
Max digging depthmm1650 mm
Max vertical digging depthmm1600 mm
Max digging distancemm3550 mm
Front side swing distancemm1800 mm
Rear side swing radiusmm740 mm
Min groud digging distancemm3570 mm
Max dozer blade heighmm260 mm
Max dozer blade depthmm190 mm

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