1 Ton Mini Excavator

You could say the OKW12 mini excavator is a big deal. It’s perfect for small spaces and major projects alike. With its high configuration, low fuel consumption, and wide working range, this excavator is a powerhouse that’s easy on your wallet. So whether you’re loosening soil in a greenhouse or crushing concrete on a job site, the OKW12 is up for anything.

Additional information

Operating Weight


Bucket capacity



Koop192 F / Briggs & Stratton / Kubota


12 HP/14HP /3600rpm

Digging Depth


Digging Height

2580 mm

Product Details:

Operating Weight:kg900
Bucket Capacity0.025
Overall sizemm2600*860*2170
Swing speedrpm11
Travel SpeedKm/h2.2
Grade Ability°30
Ground PressureKpa25
Engine/Koop192 F / Briggs & Stratton / Kubota
Power/12 HP/14HP /3600rpm
Track ground clearancemm1200 mm
Track shoe widthmm180 mm
Min ground clearancemm370  mm
Min. Front Swing radiusmm1290 mm
Tail Swing radiusmm470 mm
Total widthmm860 mm
Max.Digging radiusmm2850 mm
Max.Digging Depthmm1600 mm
Max.Digging Heightmm2580 mm
Max.Dumping Heightmm1830 mm

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