0.8 Ton Mini Excavator

The OKW08 small crawler excavator is perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and powerful machine! Its small size makes it perfect for tight spaces, like greenhouses and roadways, while its 0.8-ton capacity ensures that it can handle any job you need it to. Whether you’re a farmer looking to take care of some maintenance on your property or a homeowner who wants to get their yard ready for summer, the OKW08 is the perfect tool for the job!

Additional information

Operating Weight


Bucket capacity



Koop 192


8.6 Kw / 3600rpm

Max. Digging Depth

1300 mm

Max. Digging Height

2700 mm

Product Details:

Operating Weight:700kg
Bucket Capacity0.02m³
Overall zize3140*1050*1580 mm
Swing speed12 rpm
Travel Speed0-2 Km/h
Grade Ability30°
EngineKoop 192
Power8.6 Kw / 3600rpm
Cooling typeAir cooling
Rated Pressure16 Mpa
Main pump Max.Flow10 L/min
Fuel Tank6.6 L
Track shoe width150 mm
Min.Front Swing radius1120 mm
Total width720 mm
Max.Digging radius2330 mm
Max.Digging Depth1300 mm
Max.Digging Height2700 mm
Max.Dumping Height1830 mm

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