OKR600 Road Roller

Road rollers adapt to the asphalt road, concrete road, sports venue built, project building, compact the stone, sand, soil. We could supply 2 types of power: gasoline (petrol) engine, diesel engine. According to your applications, we will supply OEM and recommend service.

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OKR600 Double Drum Walk-behind Small Road Roller

It is mainly used for compaction of asphalt surface and compacting gravel, sand, and other foundation projects.
Equipped with famous brand power, superior performance, easy to start;
The appearance is newly upgraded, the shape is more beautiful, and the design is more reasonable;
The transmission mechanism adopts the international famous brand hydraulic transmission system, which can move forward and backward, and it is convenient to change direction;
The armrest adopts a multi-level adjustment mechanism, which can adapt to the operation of workers of different heights, and can also be erected to reduce the transportation space;
Self-locking reversing mechanism, easy reversing, convenient operation; surface spraying, beautiful and beautiful, anti-rust, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Parameters:
Walk Speed0-6km/h
Engine ModelHONDA GX270CF178FCCR180
Power9HP7HP8 HP
Drive TypeHydraulic Station
Vibration ControlAutomatic Clutch
Static Linear Load45N/cm
Nominal Amplitude0.6mm
Vibration Frequency75HZ
Exciting Force20KN
Water Tank15L
Fuel Tank3.6L
Hydraulic Oil Tank19L
Steel Wheel Sizeφ450X600mm
Package Size2450X780X1050mm
Net Weight530 kg550 kg590 kg
Starting ModeHand/ElectricHand/ElectricHand crank/ Electric
  • Feature
  1. Small operating radius, can work in a small area.
  2. Honda petrol engine or famous diesel engine, quality assurance, superior performance, easy start.
  3. The transmission mechanism uses a famous hydraulic drive system and infinitely variable speed; reversing is a convenient, long service life.
  4. Diesel Power by electric startup, portable flexible.
  5. Increasing steel wheel, aggravating fuselage is a replacement product of traditional tamper machine.
  6. Surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust-resistant.

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