3 Tons Electric Forklift

The lifting weight of the OKD-3.0T electric internal combustion forklift is 3 tons, and the maximum lifting height is 4.5 meters. The whole machine adopts well-known brand accessories, reliable and stable quality, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Additional information

Rated load lifting capacity


Standard mounting height

3000 mm

Min. ground clearance

125 mm

Battery standard

80/500 V/Ah

Drive motor

10.2DC KW

Product Details:

rated load lifting capacity3000 KG
Center distance of the rated load500 mm
Standard mounting height3000 mm
Free lifting height145 mm
Door frame inclination (front/back)5/10 ( º)
Max. running speed (full load/no load)14/14 Km/h
Max. Lifting speed (full load/no load)250/400 mm/s
Max. climb (full load)13/14 %
Minimum outside turning radius2230 mm
Min. ground clearance125 mm
Max. braking distance2.5 m
Overall dimension length (up to the fork back)2502 mm
The width of the shape1265 mm
Overall height (up to roof guard)2110 mm
Battery standard80/500 V/Ah
Drive motor10.2DC KW
Front tire23×9-10
Rear tire18×7-8

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