3-5 Tons Diesel Forklift

The lifting weights of the OKF30 and OKF35 diesel internal combustion forklifts are 3 tons and 3.5 tons, respectively, and the maximum lifting height is 4.5 meters. The whole machine adopts well-known brand accessories; the quality is reliable and stable.

Additional information



Rated load lifting capacity


Lifting height


Min. outside turning radius

2510 mm

Total Weight


Product Details:

Rated load lifting capacity3000 KG3500 KG
Center distance of the rated load500 mm500 mm
Standard mounting height3000 mm1220 mm
Door frame inclination (front/back)6/12 º 6/12 º
Max. running speed (full load/no load)20 km/h20Km/h
Lifting height2.2 m4.5 m(Customized)
Max. climb (full load)20%20%
Min. outside turning radius2510 mm2510mm
Max. braking distance2.5m2.5m
Overall dimension length (up to the fork back)3757 mm3757mm
The width of the shape1226 mm1226mm
Overall height (up to roof guard)2125 mm2125mm
Total Weight4220 KG4420KG

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