2m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

YN33GBZ engine, tank geometry volume 3200 liters, full hydraulic weighted gearbox (with high and low speeds), wheel-side deceleration bridge, four-clamp brakes, two front and four rear tires, automatic metering of water supply, reverse image, double pump, secondary Hydraulic oil filter system, full pilot control, pipeline adopts 24 ° with O-ring sealing joint, transfer type steering, temperature-controlled heat dissipation and stirring system, the tank can be tilted forward discharge, excavator rotation system, the tank can rotate 270 °, the tank speed is 15 rpm.

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The 2-square concrete mixer truck price is a small concrete mixer, consisting of operating mechanism, hydraulic system, power take-off, front and rear supports of the mixing drum, reducer, mixing drum, cleaning system, etc. The principle is that the power take-off device extracts the power of the car chassis and drives the hydraulic system’s variable pump, which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and transmits it to a quantitative motor. After the motor drives the reducer, the reducer drives the mixing device to mix concrete.

Combine a concrete truck mixer with a concrete mixer, a self-loading concrete mixer with a price that can be automatic feeding, metering, and mixed to discharge. It can also realize the transportation and site construction operations, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces production cost and time.
Advantage :
1. Italy leading design, automatic feeding mixing system
2. Simple and convenient operation
3. High-efficiency output, save time and labor, save cost
4. The perfect combination of mixing truck and loading truck.

2m3 Mobile Self-loading Concrete Mixer price
Actual mixing volume1.8m3
Mixing bucket capacity2.0m3
Tilt angle20°
Stirring directionClockwise feeding, counterclockwise discharging
Mixing bucket bladeTwo sets of spiral blades and four sets of auxiliary blades
Maximum load5ton
Tire750-16 front four wheels, rear 12-16.5 (steel wire)
Turning radius3.5m
Generator28V-750WA 100AH(550A)

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