2 Ton Road Roller

Road rollers adapt to the asphalt road, concrete road, sports venue built, project building, compact the stone, sand, soil. We could supply 2 types of power: gasoline (petrol) engine, diesel engine. According to your applications, we will supply OEM and recommend service.

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24 HP / 34 HP

Size of steel wheel

900 / 1000*610mm *2


75 HZ

Exciting force

30 KN



Product Details:

2 Ton hydraulic Ride-on Mini Road Roller for sale


It is mainly used for compaction and leveling of ditch foundations, roads, and stadiums. It can also be used for pressing and purchasing asphalt surfaces. Small working radius, can work in the small control area and city, suitable for groove backfill ing C13M diesel engine, power ful,brand-name quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start.
It adopts hydraulic components such as a Danvers variable displacement pump, hydraulic single drive, and electromagnetic clutch vibration.
Unique sprinkler, compaction effect is more outstanding.De luxe seat, convenient and comfortable.

Model2 T road roller for sale
Engine modeCHANGCHAI 3 cylinder  / Honda Gx690
Power24 HP / 34 HP
Size of steel wheel900 / 1000*610mm *2
Start-up methodElectric start-up
Walking speed0-12 km / h
Climbing capacity30%
Drive modeHydraulic drive ( two-wheel drive)
Vibration controlHydraulic control ( front-wheel vibration/ double wheel)ROLLER
Frequency75 HZ
Exciting force30 KN
Hydraulic tank capacity60 L
Water tank100 L
Package size2500*1120*1750mm
Weight1800 / 1980 kg
  • Feature
  1. Small operating radius, can work in a small area.
  2. Honda petrol engine or famous diesel engine, quality assurance, superior performance, easy start.
  3. The transmission mechanism uses a famous hydraulic drive system and infinitely variable speed; reversing is a convenient, long service life.
  4. Diesel Power by electric startup, portable flexible.
  5. Double walking drive and double drum vibrating.
  6. Surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust-resistant.

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