16 Tons Truck Crane

This truck crane uses a Cummins six-cylinder 190 horsepower engine, 5 booms, single boom 8 meters, a total of 7 legs, a total weight of 18000kg.

Additional information


Dongfeng commercial truck crane special chassis


Cummins six-cylinder 190 HP



Single arm length


Number of boom sections




Product Details:

16 tons small crane truck Description

The optimizing layout of the small crane truck makes the main bearing carriers more reasonable, and the lifting performance is higher than the products with the same tonnage.

  • Apply the mature jib technique, which integrates a plug-in boom head, embedded boom block, and special telescoping mechanism, making the jib more stable and reliable.
  • Optimize the stress design. Adopt the box-type outriggers, which have a larger span, stronger rigidity, and better stability.
Rated Loading Capacity16000KG
Max. Lifting Height33M
Power18.5kw (optional)
Engine YC4S140-50
Big armU type 30-36m
Fan heat systemair-cooled fan heat system
ChassisFutian Ruiwo car crane special chassis
Brakeair brake
DirectionHydraulic boost
The highest speed85Km / h
Single-arm length8m
Boom number5
Boom structureInner rope
Thick section boom sizeHeight 58 cm, width: 48 cm
Number of lifting legs5 full hydraulic legs

Product Features

1. Small crane truck leading performance: Customized lifting height according to customer requirements, the performance leading in 5%,

The grade ability is 40%, which makes the machine have good road adaptability.
2. The unique U boom and plug-in boom head make the load-carrying capacity more balanced and lift more smoothly.
3. The unique stretch and retract technique prevents misoperation; the stretch and retract of the boom are safer and more reliable.
4. The control system is optimized by 8 patents; lifting, rotation, and luffing are easy and reliable.
5. Six unique technologies supply the quality assurance and make the products keep a high value.
6. The innovative jib system adopts embedded block, plug-in boom head, and octagon jib, which has excellent lifting performance and safe and reliable lifting work.
7. The unique stretch and retract technique avoids the bend of the core pipe and cylinder and the break of the boom caused by misoperation, improving the operations’ safety.
8. Eight patent techniques ensure the smooth, high efficiency, and energy conservation of the lifting, rotation, and luffing systems.
9. Adopt the new hydraulic motor with a big torque starting point, making the secondary lifting safer.
10. The human design makes the cab and control cab more spacious and easy to operate.

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