1 Ton 1.5 Tons Crawler Dumper

This machine uses a 7.3kw air-cooled diesel engine; loading capacity is 1T, car compartment size is 1550*1050*450mm, and the ground clearance is upgraded to 38.5cm, stronger climbing ability. Crane and hydraulic lifting also is an option. Ride on type operation more easier.

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All-terrain mini crawler dumper operate on muddy roads and mountains, with hydraulically raised and lowered cargo spaces, and crawler-type walking with strong power. The specific size can be customized according to your needs: strong carrying capacity, strong climbing ability, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

1) Simple structure, easy in installation, and maintenance.
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in rubber parts, gear parts, and operation parts.
3) Running in a high automatic and intelligence, no pollution.
4) Comfortable operation system.

Car Compartment Size1550*1050*450mm1750*1050*450mm
Chassis Width0.85m0.85m
Engine model192F192F
Engine power7.3kw7.3kw
Drive ModeDiesel Engine(Air-cooled)Diesel Engine(Air-cooled)
Gearbox material model18 steel18 steel
Track Specification Model230*72*49230*72*49
Track materialSteel wire rubber trackSteel wire rubber track
Hydraulic Dump FunctionYesYes
Add a CraneYesYes
Raised or LoweredYesYes
Start-up ModeElectric StartElectric Start
Loading capacity1T1.5T
Machine weight780kg850kg
Minimum Turning Radius1.35m1.35m
GearHigh and Low(3+1)High and Low(3+1)
Container height from the ground50cm50cm
Standing Angle35°35°
Uphill Angle45°45°
Walking speed km/h0.8-120.8-12

1. Wide range of use, simple structure, smooth transmission. It is widely used in the transportation of farmland, orchard, greenhouse, nursery beds, beaches, snowfields, construction sites, and other complete topography and narrow roadbed.

2. Single-cylinder power system, low fuel consumption, and low maintenance cost. High traction, Good climbing ability, strong transport capacity.

3. Mini crawler dumper with electric start concentrated handle and convenient operation. The operating radius is small, can work in a narrow area.

4. Hydraulic lifting and unloading reduce labor intensity and improve transportation efficiency.

5. Can customize multifunction accessories such as cargo box, truck-mounted crane, fight drugs, mixer, grinder, remote control, etc.

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