1.5 Ton Roller

Road rollers adapt to the asphalt road, concrete road, sports venue built, project building, compact the stone, sand, soil. We could supply 2 types of power: gasoline (petrol) engine, diesel engine. According to your applications, we will supply OEM and recommend service.

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13 HP / 22 HP

Size of steel wheel

800*530 mm *2

800*530 mm *2


Exciting force




Product Details:

Model1.5 T
Engine modeCF13 diesel engine / Honda Gx630
Power13 HP / 22 HP
Size of steel wheel800*530 mm *2
Start-up methodElectric start-up
Walking speed0-8 km / h
Climbing capacity30%
Drive modeHydraulic drive ( two-wheel drive)
Vibration controlHydraulic control ( front-wheel vibration)
Frequency75 HZ
Exciting force30 KN
Hydraulic tank capacity70 L
Water tank80 L
Package size2200*920*1620mm
Weight1380 kg

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