1.2m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

YN27GBZ engine, the geometric volume of the tank body is 2200 liters, the bushing uses oil-free bearings, wheel-side reduction bridges, four-clamp brakes, full hydraulic weighted transmission (with high and low speed), front and rear two tires, automatic metering of water, reversing images, Double pump, secondary hydraulic oil filtration system, full pilot control, the pipeline adopts 24 ° with O-ring sealing joint, transfer type steering, temperature control heat dissipation and stirring system, the tank can be tilted forward discharge, tank speed 15 turns.

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1.2m3 Self-loading cement mixer truck

During the use of the cement mixer truck for sale, customers obviously feel that the small concrete mixer truck is more mobile and convenient to use, and they have become a “mobile concrete mixer truck.” In addition to mobile and convenient placement, our small concrete mixer truck, Compared with similar concrete mixer trucks, has incomparable advantages.

1. The size is small, which is suitable for limited site and widely used in new rural construction, urban construction, tunnel, airport, seaport, high-speed rail site, remote areas where there are no electric power, middle projects, farmer’s houses, building, country road, irrigation, reservoir, mine, rural bridges, high-way road, etc., which characterized in saving labors, high-efficiency concrete output.

2. High strength steel plate, which enhances the load capacity and high stability of the vehicle.

3. Mixing blade is designed with varying pitching angles, simplifying the feeding device, ensuring the speed faster, and mixing performance better.

1.2m3 mobile self-loading cement mixer truck for sale
Actual mixing volume1.0M3
Mixing bucket capacity1.2M3
Tilt angle16°
Stirring directionClockwise feeding, counterclockwise discharging
Mixing bucket bladeTwo sets of spiral blades and four sets of auxiliary blades
Maximum load2.4ton
Tire12-16.5-12PR(Steel wire)
Bucket Capacity2200L
Turning Congress3.5m
Spinning speed15 times / minute
ReducerSmall wheel-side reduction
Water tank capacity540L

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