Is household mini excavator a scam?

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Small excavators are becoming more and more popular. According to Google data, since March 2021, they have become more popular, and they are more popular than the same period last year.

So, is it worth buying a small excavator?

Is household mini excavator a scam?

Why does everyone buy small excavators?

nicosail excavators

Below, let us take a closer look at the advantages of small excavators:

First, small excavators are low in price, light in weight, and easy to maintain and repair.
Small household excavators are compact, flexible, and have a wide range of applicability. They are very suitable for household pipe excavation, garden construction, house maintenance, and other operations.
Second, versatility
Small digs can be installed with many auxiliary tools, such as installing hedge trimmers for garden trimming, installing breakers and hydraulic clamps for lightweight demolition operations, installing rotary drilling tools for drilling holes, and fishing hooks lifting heavy objects; Install finger pliers for cleaning work and so on.
Third, distinctive job characteristics.
The radius of rotation of the tail of the small excavation is zero, which basically avoids the problem of rubbing at the tail of the large and medium excavation. The hinged design of the small excavating arm and the fuselage makes the excavation operation of the small excavation on the wall or the side of the wall a unique advantage. In addition, the rubber track of the small excavator helps to reduce the damage to the landscape area and the road in the narrow construction range during the construction of the excavator.
Fourth, it is convenient to transport and transfer the operation site
The small excavation facilitates the transfer between various construction sites without large trailers or heavy trucks for transportation, and small vehicles can carry it. This not only facilitates transportation but also greatly reduces the transportation cost of the machine.
Fifth, high return on investment
The price of small digging is low, and the cost recovery is quick. Under normal circumstances, a small excavation of 1.5 to 2.0 tons can replace about 6 adults with a shovel and a trolley for earthwork. Small digging has high work efficiency and a low operating cost, and it has strong competitiveness in small earthwork. The high rate of return on investment makes small excavators very popular among contract owners of small and medium earthwork construction.
The cost is low, the return is high, and it’s a good deal. Do you have any interest in such a small dig?

If you want to buy small household excavators for your own use or engage in the agency and distribution of small household excavators, you are very welcome to contact us, and we will provide you with all-around support.

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  1. I really want to buy this, but is this a scam? I tried to buy one before for $58.90 and never received anything nor was I able to get my money back. You will accept a debit card for payment right? I don’t want to use PayPal.

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