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How to repair the excavator that can not be used normally

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Small excavators are increasingly in demand as the most commonly used construction machinery and consumables are prone to problems with the increase of service life. So how to deal with these faults correctly? Let me share some small excavators with you—common problems and solutions.

OKW10 mini excavator

How to install the excavator crawler after it falls off?

  1. First, drive the machine to a flat and hard road, and then judge the falling off of the track. If it is stuck due to a hard object, you should ask maintenance personnel to weld it in time.
  2. Check whether there are silt and sand pollutants in the excavator, which should be cleaned up in time. A lot of debris inside the track will cause the track to fall off. It is especially prone to wear of the track when turning so that the gap is too large and the track falls off.
  3. First, use a wrench or socket to inject the crawler into butter, then use the excavator bucket to prop up one side. Then the propped side starts to rotate, and the fallen crawler will naturally follow the rotation and retract into the drive wheel.

Why can’t the excavator boom lift?

  1. If the oil seal is damaged, the boom may not be lifted. Check whether the oil seal is damaged. If it is damaged, replace the oil seal.
  2. If the plunger of the oil cylinder is damaged, the boom will rise and fall slowly. Check whether the plunger of the oil cylinder is worn, and replace it if it is worn.
  3. If the distribution valve is blocked by dirt, it will also cause the boom to move slowly or even not lift it. Check the hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil changes color after using it for a long time, replace it.
  4. The hydraulic oil quality is too poor to be taken lightly. Long-term use of inferior or deteriorated hydraulic oil will cause the oil seal to age and accelerate the abnormal wear of the hydraulic pump; clean the distribution valve, remove the dirt on it, and open the distribution valve to check whether the valve hole is blocked or distributed. Whether the valve spool is worn.

Why is the hydraulic pump of the excavator so noisy?

The reasons for the high noise of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic press are generally caused by the inhalation of air due to poor sealing, mechanical reasoning, and blockage of the oil inlet filter.

  1. Because the air is not sucked in tightly, the oil seal of the pump can be resealed to prevent the air from entering.
  2. Noise and elimination due to mechanical reasons: due to the dirt in the oil entering the four-column hydraulic pump, the gears and other wear and tear will cause noise. The oil should be replaced to strengthen the oil filtration, and the pump should be disassembled for cleaning. Grind or replace. ​​
  3. The oil inlet filter is blocked: The noise can be reduced immediately after cleaning the oil filter.

What should I do if the excavator oil cylinder leaks?

First, wipe the oil spill surface with paper or a rag, find the point of oil leakage, and check whether the oil leaks from the interface or the oil pipe is broken. If the oil pipe is broken, remove it, take it to the place where the pressure oil pipe is found, and replace it directly; if it is the interface, the oil seal is likely broken. Find the oil seal package of this series of excavators and replace it. It should be noted that after the replacement, it is necessary to start the inspection to ensure that there is no oil leakage before continuing to work.

What is the reason for the engine trembling during excavator work?

The reason why the engine is shaking and vibrating may be that the footpad is damaged, or it may be affected by a lack of cylinders, or it may be seriously affected by carbon deposits on the throttle valve. If the engine vibrates abnormally, you can check the floor mat, throttle valve, ignition coil, spark plug, and fuel injector.
For example, the spark plug belongs to the ignition system and needs to be replaced regularly and in time. The electrode of the spark plug can release the electric spark, and only in this way can the combustible mixture in the cylinder be ignited. The burning combustible gas mixture pushes the piston down so that the engine can output power. With the increase of use time, the electrode gap of the spark plug may also become larger, which will affect the weakening of the ignition energy. If the ignition energy is weakened, it will affect the combustible mixture in the engine that cannot be entirely burned, which will affect the power output and fuel rationality of the engine. If the spark plug is not replaced for a long time, it may affect the ignition of the spark plug, which will affect the lack of cylinders in the engine.

How to check if the excavator fails to start?

  1. Check whether a circuit problem causes it. The fault is that there is no response when the ignition switch is turned on or the speed of the starter motor is too low.
  2. Daily maintenance and inspection are very important. The power of the excavator’s battery should be checked frequently. If the power is insufficient, it should be charged in time.
  3. Check whether the fuel in the fuel tank is sufficient. Of course, if there is no fuel, the fire will not start. It must be filled with sufficient fuel in time.
  4. Check the machine’s starter relay or relay circuit to see if there is a short circuit or open circuit.
  5. Check whether the generator of the excavator is broken. Of course, it will not catch fire if it cannot be powered on.
  6. Remember to use hydraulic oil of different viscosity according to the ambient temperature.
  7. Check the battery wiring harness, flameout solenoid valve, diesel pump, fuel system, etc.
  8. Check the ignition switch of the excavator to see if it is in poor contact

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  1. I used my new chinese one ton excavator about 2 hrs. and the main boom lift function has slowed down tremendously on lifting and lowering. All other excavator functions are working fine. Also, engine labors when using this function. AlI disconnected the 2 hydraulic lines to the cylinder and they appeared ok. What would be the next thing to check?

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