How to Make Money With a Mini Excavator: Tips for choosing the right mini excavator for your business

Are you looking for new ways to make money? If so, then you might want to consider a mini excavator. Mini excavators are increasingly popular as construction and excavation tools; they are smaller than traditional excavators and are ideal for use in tight spaces. And because of their versatility, they can be used for various tasks, including digging trenches, installing pipes, and demolishing buildings, to name a few. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to make money with a mini excavator, and we’ll also give you some tips on choosing the right mini excavator for your business.

What is a mini-excavator, and what can it be used for?

Why are small excavators popular in recent years? I believe that many people can answer this question. It is flexible and convenient, has robust functionality, low cost and many applications. This is the advantage of small excavators. As everyone knows, small excavators still have more space for exploration in terms of functions. As small excavators become more and more popular, many people have gradually discovered more application scenarios for small excavators in using them. Small excavator manufacturers have also begun to study the application of small excavators so that the functions of small excavators are more extensive. Let’s look at what projects small excavators can be used in today?

Municipal Engineering

For example, municipal projects such as digging ditches and burying pipelines were originally the construction scope of large and medium-sized excavators. Still, now with the weight restrictions on large-scale construction machinery in many cities, large and medium-sized excavators cannot enter the downtown area in many cases. And because some places have narrow roads and cannot enter construction, small excavators have gradually occupied these markets because of their convenient transportation and fast and flexible operation.

Interior Renovation

What? Is Interior decoration also possible? Small excavators are so flexible and convenient. We must think that the indoor space is narrow, and no matter how flexible small excavators are, they will not work indoors. But the fact is that you don’t believe that some small excavators can work indoors and some small excavators. The elevator can access it, and small excavators can handle some indoor decoration garbage to improve work efficiency.

Farmland Orchard

Due to the particular type of agriculture in orchards, due to the dense fruit trees, large agricultural machinery cannot enter the farmland, so small excavators are used to digging and turn the soil, dig trenches, etc., so that small excavators can replace a lot of labour, Gradually entered the rural areas, applied to many aspects of agricultural production.

Mine Excavation

Similar to the interior, the space inside the mine is relatively narrow, and some places in the mine cannot be touched. There is a risk of collapse at any time, so the tiny excavator can work flexibly in the mine while being safe; it also improves efficiency.

How to make money with a mini excavator?

Friends in this field may have such questions, why are the same excavator bosses, the same industry, the same region, why do some people make money, and some are still empty-handed after working for many years? The excavator industry does not mean that you can make money by buying one or several excavators. Many details in the later operation are essential. When entering the excavator industry, you should understand the long-term development of the industry, know how to plan for the future, avoid risks, and embark on the correct development path, whether to open the excavator yourself or hire others, how much money you have, how much you can invest, and what kind of projects should be accepted, what kind of projects should not be accepted, and what policies the country has at this stage are all points that need attention and planning.

You can earn money by using an excavator for the following jobs:

Trenching Work.
Sewer line digging for new lines or for maintenance of existing lines.
Demolition Work.
Compacting Soil.
Building Retaining Walls.
Fence Posts & Planting Trees.
Build Paths & Trails.
Mowing & Clearing.

How to choose the best mini excavator for you?

(1) Project scale
According to the engineering unit’s situation, the design institute or relevant experts should purchase the specifications, models and quantities of hydraulic excavators by various factors such as investment scale and supporting equipment for large-scale earthwork projects and medium and large-scale open-pit mine projects. For general small and medium-sized projects, such as road maintenance and farmland water conservancy, you only need to use a common type of excavator.
(2) Project supporting situation
When purchasing excavators, you should consider the compatibility of your existing equipment, including the matching of excavator operating efficiency and existing equipment operating efficiency. For example, although the price of small excavators is low, it does not match large dump trucks, so unnecessary damage should be avoided. Waste.
(3) Existing funds
Users should be aware of the benefits of purchasing excavators. If they can receive the project, they will soon be able to recover the cost. However, according to the capital situation, they can consider various purchase methods, instalment payments, bank mortgages, lease purchases, etc. The funds allow optimizing the structure of its equipment, thereby improving its competitiveness in contracting large-scale engineering projects.
(4) Brand
There are hundreds of factories producing small excavators in the market. How can you choose your favourite brand among the many brands if many brands can be called up? Each brand has its production philosophy and target customer group. The technology of Chinese brand excavators is becoming more mature and is deeply loved by most users.
(5) The comfort of the cab
Small excavators are a delicate operation, not like large excavators that can maintain mechanical movements; while small excavators have very high requirements for the process of the entire technology in greening, municipal, crushing, etc., the driver is long. The work of time should consider the business degree of the whole cab, the seat’s comfort, the flexibility of the operating handle, and other details.

How to use a mini excavator safely and effectively?

Several small excavator operation skills summed up in the construction of small excavators, such as: during operation, prevent the tail of the body from colliding with the truck during 180-degree rotation; try to turn left to install so as to have a broad vision and work efficiently.
(1) Excavator operation technology
First, check the surrounding conditions. During slewing operation, be aware of the surrounding obstacles and terrain, and operate safely; during process, confirm the front and rear directions of the crawler to avoid overturning or collision; try not to face the final drive in the direction of excavation. Otherwise, it is easy to damage walking Motor or hose; during operation, it is necessary to ensure that the left and right tracks are in complete contact with the ground to improve the dynamic stability of the whole machine.
(2) Excavation of rocks by excavator operation
Excavating rocks with a bucket will cause significant damage to the machine and should be avoided as much as possible; when it is necessary to mine, the position of the body should be adjusted according to the crack direction of the rock so that the bucket can be shovelled in smoothly for excavation; insert the bucket teeth into the cracks in the rock During the digging, use the digging force of the stick and the bucket to excavate (pay attention to the slippage of the bucket teeth); if the rock is not broken, it should be cracked first and then excavated with the bucket.
(3) Hoisting operation of excavator operation
When hoisting the hydraulic excavator, the surrounding conditions of the hoisting site should be confirmed, high-strength hoisting hooks and wire ropes should be used, and special hoisting devices should be used as far as possible during hoisting; the operation mode should be selected in the micro-operation mode, and the movements should be slow and balanced; the length of the hoisting rope is appropriate If it is too long, the hanging object will swing greatly and it is difficult to control it accurately; the position of the bucket should be adjusted correctly to prevent the steel wire rope from slipping off; the construction personnel should try not to get close to the hanging object to prevent danger due to improper operation.
(4) Slope levelling operations operated by excavators
When performing plane trimming, the machine should be placed flat on the ground to prevent the body from shaking. It is necessary to grasp the coordination of the movements of the boom and the stick, and controlling the speed of the two is very important for plane trimming.
(5) Effective excavation method of excavator operation
When the bucket cylinder and the connecting rod, the stick cylinder and the stick are at 90 degrees to each other, the digging force is the largest; when the bucket teeth and the ground maintain an angle of 30 degrees, the digging force is the best, that is, the soil cutting resistance is the least; When excavating the stick, ensure that the stick angle ranges from 45 degrees in the front to 30 degrees in the back. Using the boom and bucket at the same time can improve the digging efficiency.
(6) Loading operation of excavator operation
The body should be in a horizontal and stable position, otherwise, it will be difficult to accurately control the rotation and unloading, thus prolonging the working cycle time; the body and the truck should maintain an appropriate distance to prevent the tail of the body from colliding with the truck when turning 180 degrees; It has a wide field of vision and high work efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to correctly grasp the rotation angle to reduce the time for turning; the position of the truck is lower than that of the excavator, so as to shorten the lifting time of the boom and have a good line of sight; Then place large rocks, which can reduce the impact on the car box.

We hope our article can help you, and you are very welcome to contact us to discuss it!

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