How to Find a Reliable Road Roller Manufacturer in China?

How to find a reliable road roller manufacturer in China?

Finding a reliable road roller manufacturer in China can be a daunting task for many companies choose from. How do you know which company’s a road roller product is right for you? And, how do you know they will produce a high-quality product that meets your needs? In this blog post, we will provide some tips on finding the best roller manufacturers in China.

A comparison of multiple companies

When looking for a Chinese road roller manufacturer, it is essential to do research first and consult different manufacturers to understand the performance advantages of their respective products. Learn about the knowledge of road rollers, find out about the famous manufacturers of road rollers in China, and then search the official websites of each manufacturer to strengthen the understanding of the products.

Conduct an investigation

You can seek the help of Chinese friends to help identify the relevant information about the manufacturer. You can also check online reviews of the company’s website and talk to other users who have used their products to get an overall assessment of the company. When you understand the roller products they offer, you can make a good decision.

On-site business inspection

Through on-site inspection, check the company’s business license, confirm the establishment time, and whether there is any fraud. If conditions do not permit, the on-the-spot review is not possible; you can also check the manufacturer’s situation through video calls.

Quality and service

From the reputation of a product, you can directly understand the quality of the product, whether the accessories service and after-sales service are good or not. Listen to the evaluation of peers, and you can also learn through various forums. Quality and service are the core elements of a product and an essential basis for our daily choices.

What are the precautions when buying a road roller?

Today, taking a small road roller as an example, I would like to introduce to you the precautions when purchasing:

First, the transmission mode is the core.

Vibratory rollers have many advantages: good compaction effect, good stability, high production efficiency, wide application range, low machine consumption, long service life, low repair rate, etc., and gradually become the first choice for buyers in the small roller market. It greatly enhances work efficiency and saves the cost of manpower and material resources. Of course, the vibration of the vibratory roller will affect the surrounding environment or human body to a certain extent. Therefore, when purchasing a vibratory roller, you must first consider the use environment, such as It is not suitable to use vibratory rollers in densely populated areas, dangerous houses, buildings near buildings with precision instruments, and on bridge decks of highways and bridges. You must pay special attention to this point! Coupled with the attention to the impact of vibration on human health, a roller with a poor vibration damping effect is not welcomed by everyone. We should pay attention to the use of rollers for high-efficiency vibration operations, and at the same time consider greatly reducing their hazards.

When purchasing a small road roller, you should also fully analyze the pavement material. For example, when working on asphalt pavement, you need to choose a tire-type road roller, while other materials (such as cement concrete, soil, gravel, gravel, gravel mixture and other non-sticky materials) mainly use steel-wheel-type road rollers. However, if you want to compact the subgrade layer of some advanced roads, we also recommend tire rollers.

Second, the reliability of accessories

The standard for judging the quality of a product is very simple. The key lies in “is it easy to use and durable enough”. Good accessories can make the roller more durable. Only if the user truly feels the convenience and benefits, the value of this roller can be achieved. Truly realized and recognized.

Third, brand value

When buying road rollers on a daily basis, big brands often give us more sense of security and trust, and the same is true for small road rollers.

How about Chinese road rollers?

There are many reasons to choose a Chinese brand road roller.
First, Chinese brand rollers are usually cheaper than other brands because manufacturers don’t have to spend too much on marketing and branding.
Secondly, Chinese brands of rollers are usually of good quality, this is because the manufacturers are usually ISO certified, which means they adhere to a high standard of quality control.
Third, you may be able to find a Chinese brand road roller that suits your specific needs. For example, if you need a roller with a specific type of engine or transmission, you might be able to find one made in China.
Fourth, and lastly, Chinese manufacturers usually offer good warranties and customer service, so you can be sure of getting a quality product.

How to properly maintain and transport the roller?

When the road roller is not in use, it must be properly stored. There are several points to be paid attention to during storage: The first is the storage environment. When choosing the environment, try to choose a dry warehouse. Keeping dry is an important measure to prevent rust damage. If it rains, cover it up in time and use appropriate methods to keep the ground dry. In addition, the fire prevention treatment of the storage place, prepare enough fire-fighting equipment and keep away from the fire source.

In addition, during the transportation of the road roller, the following points should be paid attention to the first is the choice of transportation status. When transporting over long distances, try to use trailers and flatbed trucks for auxiliary transportation. When lifting and transporting, ensure the safety of the locking device. Correct installation, prevent the shaking of the fuselage frame and avoid accidental falling off. The second is the requirement of self-transportation. In the case of short distances, the choice of road conditions is very important.

The maintenance work of the road roller focuses on cleaning, lubrication and anti-rust. The cleaning of the road roller is an important task to prolong its working time and eliminate hidden dangers of operation. The long-term use of the road roller will inevitably bring various kinds of pollution, and the existence of these pollutants will greatly reduce its working life. The points that need to be paid attention to in the cleaning work are: first, operate in strict accordance with the regulations, and do a good job in cleaning the oil filter, air filter and diesel filter. In addition, do a good job of cleaning the electrical parts. Follow the procedures to keep losses to a minimum.

Lubrication of equipment is an important means to ensure its efficient operation. When lubricating, mainly add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the engine and transmission parts. These two points are the key points to ensuring efficiency. Anti-corrosion is a necessary measure to ensure the long-term operation of equipment. Anti-corrosion work is mainly the application of grease or paint. Corresponding anti-corrosion measures must be taken for non-metallic products and must be protected.

Maintenance measures for rollers in special environments. In harsh environments such as exposure to sunlight and heavy rain, various parts of the roller are easily damaged. Therefore, under special circumstances, corresponding maintenance measures should be taken: the first is the maintenance of the working mechanism. In a high-temperature exposure environment, the engine is very easy to overheat. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation status of the equipment in time to avoid the phenomenon of smoke, and the new running equipment should not work at full load. The second is the maintenance of the fuel system. Under special circumstances, the blockage of the fuel system is very easy to occur, so it is necessary to check the smoothness of the fuel pipeline in time to ensure the operation of the equipment. In addition, pay attention to the phenomenon of black smoke from the exhaust pipe and difficulty in starting, and check the tightness of the fuel tank to avoid air leakage.

Hope this blog post is helpful in guiding you on how to find a reliable road roller manufacturer in China, if you have any questions or would like assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you for reading!

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