How to choose the right excavator

Which excavator technology is better? Although everyone is asking, I don’t think this is a question that hits the soul, and I will not easily say my suggestion-a person who loves excavators will not ask like this.

Compared with the impetuous question, I think how to choose an excavator is more important. You and I know that every excavator has a soul, and he will always be with you on your digging road and cross with you. Crossing the mountains and the sea sometimes will accompany you through the prosperous world until his end. Here, the editor only provides some suggestions for everyone to choose a soul mate with meager experience.

Komatsu PC01

Yes, you read that right, he is not a toy, he is a real excavator. His engine power is 2.6kW, and the working weight is only 300kg, which is lighter than a Mercedes-Benz smart. Compared with those fierce big guys, he will be as quiet and gentle as a kitten in your yard. Even your child can play with him. His 0.008m³ bucket can meet the basic digging needs in your yard, even if you have not learned how to operate an excavator, you can easily operate it.

Komatsu PC70

If your yard can no longer satisfy your desires and you want to dig in a wider area, then this Komatsu pc70 must be your first choice. It is equipped with an inline four-cylinder supercharged engine, rated The power is 48.5kW, the work quality has reached 6500kg, and the bucket capacity of 0.32~0.39m³ allows you to show off your skills on small construction sites. In fact, it can be your first excavator, just like your first excavator. A car is the same as Honda’s Fit and Toyota’s Vios.


If you are still in a state of just starting your dream, digging in a small city of the second and third tier, the work intensity is not so high, and it is not around-the-clock work, then this small XCMG XE80C will be very satisfying. For your needs, its rated power is 5.3kW higher than Komatsu PC70, reaching 53.9kW, working weight reaching 7460kg, and bucket capacity is 0.3m³, and it has an affordable price. It will be sold for replacement in the future. It won’t be too distressed to drop him.

Sany SY365H-9

If you don’t have much budget and you want a bigger one, then Sany SY365H-9 will be your wise choice. His engine uses a mechanical fuel injection system with a rated power of 190.5kW and works. The weight has reached 35000kg, which is already the weight of a medium tank. The bucket capacity of 1.5~1.8m³ also gives him the capital to go to large construction sites, and he can also choose a variety of operating modes, in the case of equivalent efficiency Compared with the previous generation model, the fuel consumption has been reduced by 10%-15%. It has developed a dedicated engine and enhanced working device for the quality of China’s fuel and the harsh construction environment. But it is a very practical machine.

Caterpillar 336D/336DL

As your technology becomes more sophisticated and you have a higher pursuit of excavators, then you can consider this Caterpillar 336D/336DL. Its engine net power reaches 200kW, and its working weight is different from Sany SY365H-9. It is almost 35020kg, and the bucket capacity has reached 1.64~1.90m³. The American excavator has a domineering appearance and strong structure. Caterpillar is the Cadillac of excavators, and it is the American dream of every excavator driver. The Caterpillar 336D/336DL is an entry-level large excavator of the conventional model. It is the Cadillac ATS of the excavator. If you can drive it, I believe your excavator driving skills have also reached a certain level.

Caterpillar 390F

If you can touch the Caterpillar 390F, you are close to the top of the excavator. Compared with the entry-level large excavator, its engine net power reaches 391kW, and its working weight is close to 100 tons, reaching 86275~92020kg, and its 4.6m³ capacity bucket will only appear in deep mountains and mines. The huge arms and the power to bring power out of the mountains allow you to demonstrate your skills as you like while driving the Caterpillar 390F.

Volvo EC700C

If you don’t like the wild style of the American excavator, the steady driving style, and the low-key working attitude are what you are after, then the Volvo excavator from Europe is more suitable for you. In terms of power, his engine is rated The power has reached 336.5kW, the working weight has reached 698000~717000kg, and the range of bucket capacity is relatively wide. Between 2.48~6.6m³, the appearance design of the Volvo excavator is like Volvo’s car, simple and stable. The details are not lost on the pursuit, and the curves of the front window and the hydraulic arm show your good taste. European elegance and rigor must be the choice of the elite.

Liebherr R926

You may be surprised that Switzerland, which is famous all over the world for making watches, also makes these “big guys”? In fact, Liebherr can be called the “Mercedes-Benz” of excavators. Although this Liebherr R926 does not seem to be special in terms of parameters, the rated power of the engine is 130kW, the working weight of 26490kg, and the bucket capacity is only 1~1.4m³, but in fact, a Liebherr excavator is absolute Can be your lifelong mining partner, every screw is real material, focusing on mining efficiency and user experience, perhaps only by sitting in his cab to understand the meaning of Liebherr’s beauty.

Liebherr R9800

If the posture on the picture is still difficult for you to feel his majestic momentum, then I tell you that the rated power of the Liebherr R9800 engine is only 56kW lower than the rated power of a DF11 (Dongfeng 11) diesel locomotive. 2984kW, working weight 8000000~8100000kg, almost equivalent to the curb weight of 330 Mercedes-Benz S600, with a bucket capacity of 42~47.5m³. His powerful aura even made ordinary people lose their desire to control him. At the first sight of him, he was conquered by his tall and mighty body and fell under his tracks. Only the man standing on top of the excavator has the right to control him. He is destined to be the dream of a few elites and the lonely king in the mine. When you are driving an R9800 between heaven and earth, then you must have been integrated with the excavator, reaching the realm of harmony between man and nature.


Because we may seldom come into contact with these machines, but in fact, our lives are related to these machines. Dynamic machines are widely used in construction, water conservancy, electricity, roads, mines, and other engineering fields. When we say that cars are To change the life of mankind, then shrinking the machine is to build the life of mankind. Looking at the height of the world, calling the bond of the blue sky with infinite affection, looking up at the art of the sky, and exploring another mechanical beauty of the soul in front of us.

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