How To Buy Mini Excavator from China? The Definitive Guide 2024

Our daily life application of mini excavators is extensive, and there are many market choices, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, XCMG, and other big brands. The quality of small excavators produced by these brands is good. But the price is relatively high. They are not the right choice for households or those who want to do wholesale and small excavators’ retail business. Many people turn their attention to small excavators made in China.
After years of research and development and production, China’s small excavators’ technology has been very mature, the quality is very reliable, and the price is not high. It is the right choice. However, for most people, China is a faraway country. There is no way to go to China for a business trip, and we cannot conduct on-site factory inspections and business negotiations before purchasing. this possibility is almost impossible.
So how can you buy a small excavator in China without on-site inspection? Apart from price, should other factors be considered?

Selection of Excavator Suppliers

How do you choose a suitable seller? Undoubtedly, searching through the Internet is the right way. We can search through Google or go to Alibaba or Made-in-China (the two best B2B websites in China). You can find hundreds of suppliers. How to choose?

Choose a manufacturer or trader?

The advantage of the factory is that the price is lower, and the trading company’s service is more detailed. In China, the number of real small excavator factories is far less than those selling them. Many trading companies have better prices, services, and customer attitudes than factories. There is no need to worry about whether the other party is a production factory or a trading company. It depends on whose price and service are better.

If you like to cooperate with factories, you can find them in Shandong Province, China. Shandong is China’s construction machinery manufacturing base. Komatsu, Shantui, Lingong, and SEM factories are all built here. In contrast, excavator factories are mainly located in Jining and Liaocheng city.

How to find a reliable excavator supplier?

There are many small trading companies with only one or two people, they are called SOHU, this is a smart way of working in China, some SOHU do well, but many small companies disappear at any time; there is no guarantee to do business with them. In Jining, there are more than 300 foreign trade companies, while only 3-5 actually produce excavators.

How to avoid these problems and buy the most reliable mini excavator? Here are a few simple ways to tell you.

Check the company’s business license.

You can ask the seller for a business license so that you can see the company’s establishment time. SOHU’s work style has been trendy in China in recent years. This will help you find some companies that have been in business for a long time.

Customs data

There are trade data between Chinese companies and more than 30 countries in the customs data. You can search for the company’s export status you are following to confirm whether it is a living company.

Certification of well-known companies

Some advanced users’ corporate information has been officially certified by international certification companies such as SGS/TUV/BV.

Own website

This is very important. It takes a considerable amount of money to build a qualified foreign trade website in China. Some small companies do not have the funds and strength to create such a website. They often spend a small investment, making a website with a bad experience or cannot even be played. Some sellers don’t even have websites.
And some powerful companies will have a perfect user experience website. A strong company will have a website with an ideal user experience.

Video verification

You can view the seller’s factory and office scenes through video calls.

Help from Chinese friends

If you have a friend from China, you can ask him to help you review the seller’s information, which will be much more convenient.

Customer evaluation

Chinese sellers on Alibaba will have a place to display customer reviews. You can intuitively see what other buyers are saying about it.

The identification of the quality of the excavator

Because the factories are concentrated in Jining and Liaocheng, it has caused a phenomenon that one part factory supplies multiple excavator factories simultaneously. The similarity of the parts causes appearance similar. It is difficult to judge whether it is good or bad from the appearance of an excavator. You can inquire about the excavator factory from the following aspects:

  1. Whether the joystick is designed with a safety plate, which is convenient for maintenance and improves safety.

2. Is there a standardized equipment manufacturing process, neatness, and standardization of equipment assembly.

3. Whether to install a throttle valve, it is more convenient to smear grease, the action is smoother during work, and the work efficiency is improved.

4. Install shock-absorbing leather seats to reduce operator fatigue and increase comfort.

5. Dashboard

6. If you have more requirements for the machine, you can consider these accessories to make it more luxurious.


Payment is also a thing to pay attention to, Especially when establishing cooperation for the first time. I make suggestions to you in the following areas:

  1. For small orders, Chinese machinery sellers rarely accept OA, and LC is a suitable payment method.
  2. TT payment is more common in China, you can choose a 30% advance payment, and the remaining part will be paid by a copy of the bill of lading.
  3. For those who plan to do long-term wholesale or sales business, you can try the small order first and then arrange the order after satisfaction.
  4. If you have previously had business dealings with Chinese companies or individuals, you can ask them to review the company’s status and reduce risks.
  5. Find a familiar cargo agent, but the cost will be higher.

After-sales service

If you want to buy a small Chinese excavator brand that can be repaired and sold locally, you have few options. There are almost no overseas after-sales service points for small excavators in China, so you must be prepared for this. The guarantee is generally one year. The more excellent sellers will promise you a more extended guarantee, and NICOSAIL promises 18 months. Quality problems will be actively resolved during this period, and accessories will be mailed. Also, you can pay attention to these aspects:

  1. Try to choose accessories with high market recognition.
  2. Daily maintenance of the excavator should be done to avoid unnecessary damage.
  3. The excavator itself is more convenient to maintain. Ask the seller for a maintenance manual to learn simple maintenance techniques.
  4. If you are doing business on your own, find a supplier that can provide you with comprehensive support.

One last reminder, the transportation of excavators is generally by sea. Depending on the destination port, the cost of large ports is low, while small ports require high transhipment costs. General transportation takes 20-50 days. Some sellers who promote “free shipping” only start. There are no fees in Chinese ports, and the destination port’s cost will be relatively high. If you plan to do long-term business in China, you also need to understand.
NICOSAIL Machinery mainly produces 0.8 ton/1 ton/1.5 ton/1.7 ton/2 ton/3 ton/3.5 ton/4 ton small mini crawler excavator, If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

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    1. Have you purchased equipment from china I am looking to get a container of mini excavator from Rippa . Have you heard of them

      1. Hi Bob

        I’m interested in a Chinese Mini excavator for my farm. Could you send me some info on the ones you handle?

        Thanks Larry

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    Thank You And Great Info On Hear!!

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  3. Hello I’m looking to purchase a small excavator .8 with attachment thumb blade and buckets hammer and others need delivered to Pennsylvania if possible

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    Shipped to Vancouver, BC Canada

  9. There is nothing mentioned here about do you need a permit to import into your country.
    Also the import charges of your country.

    1. As the specific procedures required vary from country to country and depending on the model, the costs will vary, our professional service staff will be patient with you.

  10. 3ton nicosail mini diggers how much dose it cost in euros and have it shipped to Dublin with 3 bucket and rock bracker

  11. Hi,
    can you please send me a quote for mini excavator 1.5t or 1.8t and shipping? I am looking for:
    1. Side swing of big arm
    2. 3-cylinder diesel engine
    3. Small, medium and wide bucket with quick connect
    4. Joystick levers
    5. Cab is not necessary
    6. Shipping to Bratislava, Slovakia

    Thank you in advance.


  12. Eu estou disponivel em ver a viabilidade de negocio em Portugal

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