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How Many Things Do You Know About Refurbished Used Excavators?

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When buying an excavator, whether it is an experienced excavator or a novice excavator without much experience, it is necessary to face a series of problems such as the performance of the excavator, the reputation of the excavator, whether it is durable for a long time, and whether the maintenance cost is expensive or not. . However, due to market competition, some unscrupulous traders will have illegal acts, and there are various counterfeiting and refurbishment of excavators, which has caused great economic losses to consumers. If you’re in the market for a new excavator, it’s important to know if the machine you’re buying is refurbished. A refurbished excavator may look like a brand new machine, but there are some machine details that tell the story. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to identify a refurbished excavator, so keep reading to avoid getting scammed!

What is a refurbished excavator?

A refurbished excavator is a used excavator that has been restored to like-new condition, it may have been in use for an extended period of time before being sent into the refurbishment process, or it may have been damaged and repaired, either way, refurbished Rear excavators often look like a brand new machine, but there are big differences in machine performance, etc.

What are the types of refurbished excavators?

Adjust the hour meter

The working hour table of the excavator is designed to count the number of working hours, which has a certain relationship with the service life of the excavator. The adjustment of the excavator is a common renovation method for merchants. For some merchants, the adjustment is simpler. But the thing is.

Replace the nameplate

The nameplate of the excavator is the part where information is recorded, generally including the model, total mass, production date, place of origin and serial number of the excavator. date, etc. In order to conceal the real information of the excavator, some businesses will choose to replace all these nameplates. The cost of replacing the nameplate is low and the operation is simple. The nameplate of the whole machine is generally riveted with rivets, and the nameplates of large items such as engines and large pumps can be torn off and replaced directly. , but the nameplate replacement often leaves traces, and it is not difficult to find it if you observe it carefully.

Welding, sheet metal

Some excavators that have been subjected to harsh working conditions or have been used for a long time will crack the boom. In order to achieve the purpose of refurbishment, some businesses will choose to cut the cracks, weld the steel plates from the inside, then fill the incisions and weld, and then polish the welds and repaint them. The structural strength of the boom is difficult to guarantee. Yes, I hope the user must observe carefully when checking the excavator.

Replacement of spare parts

Some excavators with a long age and poor vehicle condition are replaced by spare parts, and the appearance is processed.

What are the risks of buying a refurbished excavator?

Some of the refurbished excavators use some scrapped excavators with older models. After reprocessing, replace the outer packaging of the excavators and replace them with a type of machine. This type of excavator is what everyone buys. When I worry about the refurbished machine I buy, the quality of this kind of excavator is relatively poor, the after-sales service is difficult to guarantee, and it will also cause great losses to buyers.

How to tell if a newly bought excavator is refurbished?

Look at the price

Buying an excavator can’t just look at the cheap price, it’s easy to be fooled by thinking about being cheap without paying attention to quality. Therefore, when buying an excavator, if the price is very cheap, it is necessary to carefully identify whether it is a refurbished machine or not, and the most important thing is to observe carefully.

Starting from the appearance, carefully check

The appearance is our first impression of the excavator. First of all, we must carefully check whether the appearance has obvious paint refresh. Painting excavators, especially large-area painting, means that the machine has a large area of ​​scratches. At this time, you should be cautious. Check carefully whether the car has been deformed, and whether there are cracks or welding marks. These factors are all causes of repainting.

Check the engine

The engine is the most important part of the excavator. When checking the engine, the first thing to do is to see whether the information of the engine is consistent with the original configuration of the equipment model. Then look at the color of the engine’s screws and paint. The overhauled screws of the engine will definitely leave scratches. The temperature of the engine will rise under working conditions. If it is not the original paint, it will burst and the color will become darker. It is best to start the engine, listen to the sound of the machine running normally, and observe the color of the exhaust smoke. If the engine emits black smoke or blue smoke, these are all signs of engine failure. If the engine has been repaired, its performance will definitely decline.

Excavator whole vehicle, big and small arms, bucket and oil cylinder

The large and small arms, buckets and oil cylinders of the excavator have steel stamps. See if they can be matched. If they cannot be connected, it is very likely that the dismantled parts were replaced and installed, and whether the parts of the cab can be matched. Get up and use this to judge whether it is a refurbished machine.

Check the chassis and track

When inspecting the tracks and chassis, look for heavy wear on the surface. If the excavator appears to be new, but the chain and drive wheels are badly worn, the machine may be heavily refurbished. Of course, we also need to check whether the accessories of the chassis are original, look at the chain, driving wheel, guide wheel, etc., the original ones will be marked.

Why buy a new excavator and not a refurbished one?

Refurbished excavators generally have no warranty period, and the after-sales service system is not perfect. The refurbished excavator may also have been used for a long time, the performance of the machine is relatively poor, and it may not have all the latest functions, so the purchase of an excavator should not blindly be cheap.

The best way is to buy a brand-new excavator, choose a reliable excavator brand, the excavator has superior performance, and has good after-sales service. When there is any problem, you can consult and solve the machine failure at any time, and provide spare parts in time. It can improve work efficiency and avoid delaying the construction progress due to machine failures, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

Are Chinese brand excavators trustworthy?

Many people are hesitant to buy Chinese products, but when it comes to excavators, Chinese brands tend to be more reliable and affordable than European or American brands. Here are some of the advantages of buying a Chinese brand excavator:

The first advantage is price. Chinese brands tend to be a lot cheaper than their European or American counterparts because Chinese manufacturers have lower production costs and they can afford to sell their excavators at lower prices without compromising the quality.

The second advantage is that Chinese brands tend to be more durable than others, this is because they use high quality materials and components, they also have better manufacturing processes, which means their excavators can last longer, even with Use in harsh conditions.

The third advantage is that Chinese brands usually offer more features than others. This is because they invest heavily in research and development and they want to provide the best possible product to their customers, which means that their excavators tend to have more features than other brands.

If you are considering buying an excavator, then you should definitely consider Chinese brands, they offer great value and are very reliable in quality. If you choose a Chinese brand excavator, you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading, and you are more than welcome to discuss with us!


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