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How do you spin off a ditch with an excavator?

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Trenching can be said to be one of the basic operations of excavators. It seems simple, but it has a high technical content. In the process of digging a trench, many novices often encounter problems such as not digging straight, digging deviation, and the bottom of the trench is wide or narrow. So what are the operating skills for trenching? Nicosail Machinery will tell you the basic operation of trenching.

1. Trenching must be straight.

The most basic way to dig a trench is to follow the principle of digging straight. Generally, lime is used to draw the route of the trench to be dug on the construction site. The center line of the excavator chassis is aligned with the lime line, and the middle teeth of the bucket correspond to the lime line.

If there is no lime line, you can use the excavator track to press out a connecting line first, and the traces of the track left can serve as the lime line. The bucket movement can be adjusted according to the track marks left behind by the backward movement.

2. Ditching must be in order

When formally excavating, first take the surface layer and then the lower layer. Do not dig to the end at one time. The excavation of deep trenches is significant; when the trench’s width is greater than the bucket’s width, dig both sides first, and then Dig the middle.

3. Maintain the flatness of the slope

Many novices are not good at digging trenches. The main reason is that they have not kept the principle of flatness. The detailed operation needs to be further improved. From the beginning of the V-shaped trench to the end, the slope must remain the same. Of course, the soil quality and trench depth are different, and the slope must be adjusted accordingly.

The two lines on the photo are straight, which is the prerequisite for keeping the ditch slope level. The operator must pay attention to the loose soil on the side of the ditch when digging the trench to prevent the soil from being scattered, and it should be cleaned up with a bucket in time.

4. Control at the bottom of the trench

The control of the bottom of the trench is very important. At this time, you need to use the skills of throwing and leveling. If ditching is to install water pipes for drainage, the bottom must have a certain slope; if it is a building foundation pit, the bottom must be level.

In fact, many operators cannot determine the height of the bottom of the trench. When surveying personnel, they can require the construction personnel to measure with instruments and measure while digging. If you don’t have it, you can find some references, and you should get off the car more to observe.

5. Three methods of trenching

The basic operation skills of trenching have been briefly introduced above, and finally, three methods of trenching are introduced for everyone:

(1) To dig trenches in open areas, park the excavator in the middle of the trench to be excavated, and dig the bucket between the two crawlers.

(2) When the area is relatively narrow, like when cleaning a ditch, the bucket only digs along one side of the crawler line (the side slope skills are needed here).

(3) When digging a highway culvert trench, park the excavator and the side of the ditch at 90 degrees (note that when the ditch is deep, the bucket cylinder may touch the side of the ditch)

In short, the operator needs to pay special attention to the straightness of the digging, the flatness of the slope, the control of the bottom of the ditch, etc. in the process of digging the ditch. Choosing a suitable ditching method is actually not difficult.


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