How to choose a skid loader?

The Skid steer loader is favored by its small and exquisite characteristics. However, how to buy it has become a problem that everyone is facing. In fact, solving this problem is not difficult, from the understanding of the main types of skid steer loaders, features, and accessories to start, which can help us choose the right machine for the job site and tasks. The following four steps can help you reduce the selection range:

1. Understand the type of skid steer loader

There are three types of skid steer loaders, which provide different levels of power, lifting capacity, and mobility to help you complete new projects, reconstructions, and maintenance.

Mini crawler steer loader

This small and agile mini crawler loader can work in small spaces, allows the operator to walk behind, and is easy to load on a trailer and transport.

 Skid steer loader

Skid steer loader

As its name implies, the wheels on both sides of the skid steer loader can work independently to achieve 360° steering in situ, which can bring great flexibility.

 Skid steer loader

Tracked skid steer loader

The crawler skid steer loader has good traction and low ground pressure. It can significantly improve maneuverability on soft ground, muddy ground, and unpaved ground conditions.

 Skid steer loader

2. The specific situation of the construction site

Because it uses tires, the skid steer loader has an advantage when crossing paved roads. This makes them the first choice for many demolition, renovation, and snow removal tasks.
Crawler-type skid steer loaders have a larger contact surface with the ground, so they can provide greater thrust and digging force, and then they are more efficient when digging or loading materials or they are more economical when facing the same workload time.
In many parts of North America, when a crawler skid steer loader faces a typical construction site, it can increase its working hours by several months every year because it can work normally on muddy roads.

3. Lifting and digging ability

When it comes to the design of the lifting arm, most manufacturers can offer two options: arc lift and vertical lift. If it is not necessary to lift a very high height and load a high hurdle truck, you can choose an arc-shaped lifting machine.
Another information factor about lifting is the rated working capacity. Contractors for excavation and landscaping generally need skid steer loaders with higher rated working capacity because they need to move heavy metals such as soil and concrete. On the other hand, the general contractor needs a small, multi-functional machine that can work flexibly in a narrow area.

4. Evaluate the expected utilization rate

The utilization rate of the skid steer loader is a key factor. The more occasions you use, the more accessories you may use, and we can recover the cost faster. Compared to having three different types of skid steer loaders, a key financial advantage is the purchase or lease of several different accessories, which has a higher utilization rate than repairing and maintaining several different special equipment.

By learning these four points, you can achieve the best combination of operations. I believe you will choose a skid steer loader that satisfies you and greatly improve your work efficiency.

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