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Forklift knowledge | Forklift maintenance should do this

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The use of the forklift and our maintenance also have a great relationship:

Here you need to remind everyone that in order to be able to do a more comprehensive detection and prevention of forklift failures, when carrying out common knowledge maintenance and maintenance work of forklift maintenance, you must do the following four aspects of the inspection work in order to truly Complete maintenance of the forklift.

1. Transmission system

The transmission system of the forklift is the main source of power for the forklift. Therefore, to ensure the smooth operation of the forklift, everyone must ensure the normal operation of the transmission system. When testing the functions in this area, everyone should pay more attention to the fact that in terms of peripherals, you should first test the tires to ensure the stability of the tires and repair some worn parts in time to prevent the tires from slipping during work. phenomenon. In the maintenance of the internal transmission system, everyone also needs to fully test the brake system and adjust the sensitivity to ensure the safety of the operation. In addition, in the adjustment of transmission bearings, everyone should fully ensure their flexibility in order to achieve more efficient forklift operations.

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2. The circuit system

The circuit system is a basic guarantee for the operation function of the forklift. If there is a problem in this regard, it is likely to directly affect the function of the forklift. In this regard, when performing forklift maintenance work, you need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the circuit system. In addition to ensuring the sensitivity of each circuit, you must do a good job of checking the circuit for wear or damage, and replace some Seriously damaged or abnormal circuit components, and some fuses that have been used for a long time should also be replaced. In addition, in order to reduce the problems that may exist in the operation of the circuit system, everyone must also clean the circuit to avoid dust Or moisture affects the normal operation of the forklift circuit.

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3. Hydraulic system

For the hydraulic system of the forklift, according to the normal working situation, everyone should also make timely adjustments according to the status of the forklift. In this regard, you should do a good job of adjusting and replacing hydraulic oil according to your needs to avoid possible oil leakage or abnormal consumption. Although these aspects seem to have little impact, but considering the comprehensive guarantee, everyone still needs to do a careful inspection to avoid the unstable operation of the hydraulic system, which will cause unnecessary operational problems for everyone.

4. Chain components

One thing that needs special attention is that since the forklift truck after-sales maintenance chain runs for a long time in the operation, and because its wear and tear will be serious, this aspect of the inspection work should also be taken as the focus. Generally speaking, if you want to maintain the forklift chain, you need to determine the movement of the driving and lifting chains, repair the cracks of the chain in time, and also need to completely replace some of the more damaged chains. Many times to ensure work efficiency, the role of these chains is indispensable.

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Of course, in addition to the above four aspects, there are still other problems in the detection of forklifts. However, for the treatment of these problems, it is best to use your own actual work as a reference. You usually need to pay attention to the forklifts at all times. Work status, discover its abnormal situation in time, so that you can find the problem as soon as possible, and do the troubleshooting and resolution.


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