Do you like this household mini excavator?

Recently, David, a customer from Hungary, received an OKW10 small excavator purchased from Nicosail Machinery and used it to dig a pond in his garden. Let’s take a look at the customer’s photos.

Open the package and receive a surprise.
Start pond excavation.
Pond excavation completed.

Do you think David likes this small household excavator?
Take a look at his rating!


Works very well.

Low fuel consume, less than 2 l/h.

Worth that price!

This is a small household excavator that can be used anywhere. Rotating and boom full swing type for easy slotting. It has a width of 1090mm and can be dug between walls and private homes. It is equipped with blades for backfilling and leveling. Ride it Tired boarding ceremony This small excavator works like a motorcycle.

If you need a household mini excavator and want to buy such a practical and cheap excavator in China, you can refer to this article:《How to buy a mini excavator from china?

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