Common methods of compaction and backfilling with small road rollers

small road rollers

It is challenging to backfill the soil in road construction, so we usually use small rollers with high construction flexibility. The following is a standard method of compacting backfill with a small roller.

Ordinary rolling with mini road rollers

The small-sized road roller shifts by hand in a direction parallel to the backfill center and gradually moves from the edge of the road to the road. Each rolling should overlap the previous rolling belt by approximately 10-20cm.

Alternate rolling with small road rollers

This method can reduce the rolling defects, such as the pushing of the mixture or the occurrence of ripples. The construction method is that the small roller moves from the side of the road to the centerline, and the overlapping width of the roller belt is 50% of the roller width of the roller.

small road rollers
small road rollers

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