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China 1 ton small crawler excavator for sale with cheap price

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New Mini Excavator with CE EPA mini digger 1 ton

1 Ton Mini Crawler Excavator For Sale

1. The engine adopts China’s famous Changchai 192 engine, which guarantees superpower with high fuel efficiency;

2. OKW10 mini excavator use the internationally renowned American Eaton walking motor, so the quality is very reliable;

3. The machine shell is formed by one-time stamping of the mold to increase the heat dissipation area and improve work efficiency;

4. Pilot operated handle of mechanical multi-way valve.

5. Configure a comfortable safety seat to ensure that the operator is given a better driving experience during work;

6. Hydraulic oil gauge and diesel water level gauge are convenient for observation.

7. LED lighting is adopted, with a large irradiation range and high brightness.

8. The hydraulic push shovel has the same width as the track, which is convenient for construction.

9. A variety of accessories such as breakers, rippers, rakes, wood grabbers, augers, quick-change joints, etc. can be installed to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and one machine.

10. Special rubber track, stronger grip and climbing ability, better wear resistance.


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Our chief engineer, guarantees the high quality and advanced design of all our machinery. With vast industry experience, he leads our team in manufacturing premium mini excavators, compact tracked loaders, and skid steer loaders.

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