New Mini Excavator with CE EPA mini digger 1 ton

1 Ton Mini Crawler Excavator For Sale

1. The engine adopts China’s famous Changchai 192 engine, which guarantees superpower with high fuel efficiency;

2. OKW10 mini excavator use the internationally renowned American Eaton walking motor, so the quality is very reliable;

3. The machine shell is formed by one-time stamping of the mold to increase the heat dissipation area and improve work efficiency;

4. Pilot operated handle of mechanical multi-way valve.

5. Configure a comfortable safety seat to ensure that the operator is given a better driving experience during work;

6. Hydraulic oil gauge and diesel water level gauge are convenient for observation.

7. LED lighting is adopted, with a large irradiation range and high brightness.

8. The hydraulic push shovel has the same width as the track, which is convenient for construction.

9. A variety of accessories such as breakers, rippers, rakes, wood grabbers, augers, quick-change joints, etc. can be installed to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and one machine.

10. Special rubber track, stronger grip and climbing ability, better wear resistance.

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