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How to choose the right excavator

Which excavator technology is better? Although everyone is asking, I don’t think this is a question that hits the soul, and I will not easily say my suggestion-a person who loves excavators will not ask like this. Compared with the impetuous question, I think how to choose an excavator is more important. You and I know that every excavator has a soul, and he will always be with you on your digging road and cross with you. Crossing the mountains and the sea sometimes will accompany you through the prosperous world until his end. Here, the editor only provides some

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Is household mini excavator a scam?

Small excavators are becoming more and more popular. According to Google data, since March 2021, they have become more popular, and they are more popular than the same period last year. So, is it worth buying a small excavator? Is household mini excavator a scam? Why does everyone buy small excavators? Below, let us take a closer look at the advantages of small excavators: First, small excavators are low in price, light in weight, and easy to maintain and repair.Small household excavators are compact, flexible, and have a wide range of applicability. They are very suitable for household pipe excavation,

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How do I choose the right size orchard excavator?

For small excavators used in the orchard, we recommend that you choose the machine according to the needs of the orchard, and you can choose the size according to your own use characteristics. Walking widthThis width refers to the gap between the fruit trees on both sides, without delaying the width of normal driving. Excavation depthThe excavation required for fertilization and soil plowing is sufficient for the orchard and generally can reach 1.5 meters. Continuous working timeThis depends on your own situation, and the work intensity is equal to choosing a diesel engine with several cylinders. Working for a long

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How to choose a skid loader?

The Skid steer loader is favored by its small and exquisite characteristics. However, how to buy it has become a problem that everyone is facing. In fact, solving this problem is not difficult, from the understanding of the main types of skid steer loaders, features, and accessories to start, which can help us choose the right machine for the job site and tasks. The following four steps can help you reduce the selection range: 1. Understand the type of skid steer loader There are three types of skid steer loaders, which provide different levels of power, lifting capacity, and mobility

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Do you like this household mini excavator?

Recently, David, a customer from Hungary, received an OKW10 small excavator purchased from Nicosail Machinery and used it to dig a pond in his garden. Let’s take a look at the customer’s photos. Do you think David likes this small household excavator?Take a look at his rating! Perfect! Works very well. Low fuel consume, less than 2 l/h. Worth that price! This is a small household excavator that can be used anywhere. Rotating and boom full swing type for easy slotting. It has a width of 1090mm and can be dug between walls and private homes. It is equipped with

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How do you spin off a ditch with an excavator?

Trenching can be said to be one of the basic operations of excavators. It seems simple, but it has a high technical content. In the process of digging a trench, many novices often encounter problems such as not digging straight, digging deviation, and the bottom of the trench is wide or narrow. So what are the operating skills for trenching? Nicosail Machinery will tell you the basic operation of trenching. 1. Trenching must be straight. The most basic way to dig a trench is to follow the principle of digging straight. Generally, lime is used to draw the route of

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How to use an excavator to excavate earth

Smooth operation methodDuring operation, the stability of the machine can not only improve work efficiency and extend the life of the machine but also ensure safe operation (put the machine on a relatively flat ground); the driving sprocket is more stable on the backside than on the front side, and It can prevent the final drive from being impacted by external forces; the wheelbase of the track on the ground is always greater than the wheelbase, so the forward working stability is good, and lateral operation should be avoided as much as possible; the digging point should be kept close

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How to make the excavator work normally under low-temperature conditions? Low-temperature manual of excavator

Low temperature will cause the excavator to have difficulty in starting and stopping. How to make it normally run under low-temperature conditions? Today Nicosail is here to help you! Overall inspection Before using the excavator, perform an overall inspection to confirm whether any parts are missing or damaged, and confirm that there is no alarm in the electrical system after power on. Check whether the hydraulic oil model can meet the ambient temperature; Check whether the amount of hydraulic oil is sufficient; Check whether the hydraulic oil is emulsified or blackened; otherwise, replace it. Check engine According to the current

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Safety tips for novices to avoid when operating small excavators

For newcomers who have just entered the excavator circle, they need to learn a lot in their work. In this process, they will also encounter large and small safety hazards. So how to effectively avoid some common safety hazards? Leave enough space on the right The excavator’s cockpit is on the left, so there will be a large blind spot on the right side of the excavator, making it easy for us not to see the obstacles on the right when driving the excavator. Therefore, experienced excavator masters often leave plenty of space on the right side of the excavator

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