As we all know, loaders are very reliable helpers whether they are used in industry or agriculture. With the development of the economy, more and more people are willing to spend money to buy loaders instead of manpower to complete part of the work, such as transporting food when the farm is busy, which saves time and energy compared with traditional manual labor. However, the loader market is uneven, and products of various brands are numerous and dazzling. Chaos. Therefore, this article will introduce you to several key points that you should pay attention to when Selecting a wheel loader.

Engine: Selecting a Wheel Loader

The engine is at the core. An excellent engine is the guarantee of the efficiency of the whole vehicle. When we buy a loader, we should mainly pay attention to three aspects of the machine: power, fuel consumption, and stability. 

Needless to say about the power, a loader with too low engine power is not capable of heavy work and will be subject to many restrictions. Fuel consumption is also significant. After all, refueling is also a cost, so pay attention to when Selecting a Wheel Loader. Needless to say the overall stability, so try to buy products of reliable brands.

The Nicosail brand loader adopts the Yunnei engine of the famous Chinese brand, which guarantees the power, and the fuel consumption is also low.

Big arm

Among the loader’s various components, the boom is also a critical component. It is also a component that has a more significant impact on the efficiency of the entire vehicle. When we buy a loader, the boom part should emphasize two points: the thickness and length of the boom (also representing the unloading height).

With the same material, the thicker the arm, the stronger and more stable it is, and the safer and more reliable it is at work. The length of the boom determines the unloading height of the loader. The longer the crash, the higher the unloading height. The unloading measurement is essential to meet some special work requirements, such as unloading grain into the granary. Before buying, You must be clear about your needs before selecting products.


The bucket of the loader is also an important part. We need to choose different buckets according to other uses. For industrial purposes, such as handling heavy materials or bulky garbage, because this material is heavy, choose the right size. This bucket can match the rated load.

Many people buy loaders to carry crops such as grains, so you should choose a larger bucket when selecting. Because grains and the like are relatively light, buckets with larger volumes will not be overloaded. Instead, improve work efficiency.

Transmission system

Traditional systems are also an essential part of the entire vehicle. The current loaders are mainly classified into manual transmission and hydraulic torque converter automatic transmission. Manual transmission is a more traditional design, cumbersome to operate. Still, it is cheap and suitable for users with low budgets.

The automatic transmission is simple to operate and more efficient and can be purchased if the budget is sufficient. There is no high or low difference between the two; it mainly depends on personal choice.



In tires’ choice, the points that should be paid attention to are slip resistance, wear-resistance, and comfort. The anti-skid property naturally does not need to be said. Tires with good anti-skid properties are safer, which is the most basic requirement. Wear resistance is also very important, representing the service life of the tire. You can also pay attention to comfort. After all, it is a good thing to work more comfortably.

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