Day: June 17, 2022

What is the Speed of the Road Roller?

The road roller usually travels at a speed of around 5 to 10 kilometers per hour, but it can go faster or slower depending on the needs of the project. In order to ensure the smooth driving of the driver, it is important that the road roller travels at a stable speed. One way to think about the speed of a road roller is to compare it to the speed of a car, which on average travels at about 60-80 km/h, which means that the roller is traveling at a relatively slow speed. While slower speeds are necessary to level

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What kind of Fuel Does a Mini Excavator Use?

Fuel is important because it determines the power of the mini excavator, and the mini excavator can run on gasoline or diesel fuel. Gasoline-powered mini excavators are generally less expensive than diesel-powered models, but they may not be as powerful or as durable. Diesel-powered mini excavators are more expensive, but they are more powerful and durable. There are 4 kinds of oil products for small excavators, namely engine oil, gear oil, diesel oil, and hydraulic oil. It is recommended to replace the oil every 250 hours. When replacing the oil, the oil filter element should also be replaced, and the

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