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Looking for a reliable partner for mini excavators solutions? Look no further than Nicosail Machinery. As a trusted wholesaler and OEM supplier, we are committed to providing high-quality products and more competitive prices to meet your business needs. Contact us today to start a successful partnership.


Nicosai Machinery Group was established in 2010 and is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Our mission is to focus on cost-effective machinery so that our customers can focus on planting, feeding, and construction, and trust Made in China with confidence!

With more than a decade of industry experience, Nicosai has built a solid reputation for innovation and excellence. Our extensive product line meets the diverse needs of different customers, ensuring that the products we offer can improve productivity and efficiency. Committed to becoming a Chinese brand that users around the world can rest assured of.

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Agents receive products at factory prices, earning over 50% profit.


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With over 20 models, we meet diverse regional needs.

International technical team

Our R&D team ensures rapid prototyping and thorough testing.

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Our products are acclaimed in over 85 countries worldwide.

Our Products

Explore our range of high-quality machinery. From compact loaders to powerful mini excavators, Nicosail offers robust solutions for various industrial needs. Discover how our reliable equipment can enhance your operations.

From small skid loaders to large tonnage models.

Tailored to meet diverse operational requirements, our loaders are efficient and reliable.

From 600kg to 8 tons for various applications.

Designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability in multiple scenarios.


From 600kg to 21 tons for versatile use.

Engineered for precision and effectiveness in all terrain types.


Our factory

At Nicosail Machinery, we prioritize quality control and timely delivery. Our team ensures every aspect of your shipment meets your requirements, from raw materials to final transportation. We guarantee the highest quality products and exceptional post-sales service. Thank you for choosing Nicosail Machinery as your trusted supplier.

High standard production

We offer expert project planning to optimize your operations and ensure timely delivery.

Provide market solutions

We deliver tailored market solutions to enhance your business efficiency.


We will design different styles specifically for you based on your requirements or local market characteristics.

Our expert team ensures efficient project planning and timely delivery.

Our expert team ensures efficient project planning and timely delivery.

Strong supply capability

We offer expert project planning services to optimize your operations, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of our products.

Metal engineering

Our machinery meets rigorous metal engineering standards for precision and reliability.


Years of experience

Why We Stand Out?

“We Build with the Best Materials and Resources”

As a trusted supplier of high-quality excavators, we offer competitive pricing and excellent service. Our experienced team supports you throughout the process to ensure successful wholesale transactions. Contact us now to begin a profitable partnership.


Engineer Director

Our clients

Exhibitions and customers

Our exhibitions showcase our commitment to quality and innovation, connecting with clients worldwide.


Our clients value the quality and reliability of our machinery, ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently.

"High-quality machinery and excellent service. Nicosail exceeded our expectations in every way."
Procurement Officer
"Efficient and reliable. Nicosail provided us with machinery that greatly improved our operations."
Supply Chain Manager
"Exceptional products and support. Nicosail is our go-to supplier for all our machinery needs."
Operations Director
"Reliable and durable machinery. Nicosail helps us keep our business moving forward."
Logistics Coordinator
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Our commitment to quality and innovation makes us a leader in the excavator industry. We deliver superior products tailored to your needs.

With top-notch expertise and reliable service, we ensure your projects succeed with our high-quality machinery.

From initial consultation to delivery, our streamlined processes guarantee timely and efficient service for all your machinery needs.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making our machinery a smart investment for your business.

We provide a range of machinery and customized solutions designed to enhance your operational efficiency and productivity.

Our features

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Expertise in crafting top-quality machinery to meet your specific requirements. Dedicated to excellence and reliability.

We ensure seamless project coordination with precise attention to detail, optimizing your supply chain efficiency.

From design to delivery, our comprehensive services guarantee high-quality forklifts that meet your exact needs.

Our advanced production lines ensure that every forklift is built to the highest standards of quality and durability.

Our skilled team provides reliable support and innovative solutions, ensuring your satisfaction with every order.

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